Katie and Joel

How We Met

I am an athletic trainer at Rye High School. Last November I went into the Athletics office, like I do every day. There was a good looking gentleman sitting in the office waiting to meet with our athletic director. He introduced himself and said he was interviewing for the assistant wrestling coaching position. I wished him luck and hoped to see him again soon. A few hours later, I was downstairs in the gymnasium observing basketball practice and he walked through the doors. I asked him if he got the job and he said sadly no. My disappointment must have been obvious because he immediately told me he was kidding and had gotten the job weeks ago. We talked everyday since then and went out on our first date a few weeks later.

how they asked

It was the last home wrestling meet of the season. One of my boyfriend and my’s favorite athletes had just finished the last match of the meet. He had a great win and came off the mat holding his hand as if he was injured. Being the athletic trainer and in charge of taking care of any injured students, I made my way over to him after he started screaming my name across the gym. Little did I know, Joel had slipped a ring in the athlete’s hand. When I got to the athlete and tried to calm him down he exclaimed “But you don’t understand…..it’s about love!” and opens his hand to show me the ring.

I was beyond surprised. My mom, aunt, and best friend were all there to witness it without me knowing. It was the perfect proposal for a coach and athletic trainer.

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