Katie and Joe

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How We Met

We met on the 23rd February 2012. It was the day after Joe’s birthday, and we both went along to a youth group function. In typical Joe fashion, he turned up late. Little did he know, he caught my eye (and I caught his too!)

I was curious to know his age, so after everyone sang Joe ‘Happy Birthday’, I turned to my friend and asked,

“How old is Joe?”

My friend replied,


Ahhhh good. Eighteen months older. Still within appropriate dating range.

After exchanging many glances across the room, Joe started chatting with me at the end of the evening. There was an instant attraction.

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I thought Joe was an absolute sweetheart. We shared the same faith, we both loved Melbourne and he was a cutie too! So after that night, we both left wondering whether something would come out of our conversation. We felt on top of the world after having such an easy, flowing conversation. It was as though we could talk to each other all night.

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Joe was lovely. Despite my hair twirling and giggling, being with him felt so natural. I wanted to see him again. Facebook chat and texting ensued, and then Joe asked me out on our first date. We shared a pizza, walked along the esplanade, and just as the rain started to fall, we started to fall in love. Who would have thought that that first evening would be the start of a life long love?

how they asked

It had been a long time coming. Joe and I knew we wanted to marry each other for a while before the proposal officially happened. I had a Wedding Pinterest board and had already found a potential wedding dress months before Joe even asked!

One Thursday, I came back from work to find a letter from Joe on my bed. The minute I saw it, wedding bells were ringing loud and clear! In it, he wrote that he had organised a surprise holiday to Melbourne for the two of us.

“Pack your bags baby, let’s go on an adventure… your flight leaves for our best holiday ever at 10:30am tomorrow morning. Come find me!”

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I quickly packed my bags and tried to get some sleep. I wasn’t very successful. My female intuition told me that tomorrow was the day I had been dreaming about ever since I knew Joe would be the one I spent my life with.

I arrived at Cairns airport and Joe was nowhere to be seen! Unbeknownst to me, Joe had flown to Tasmania (the other side of the country) to ask my Dad for my hand in marriage. Of course my Dad was thrilled!

I had another letter to open once I landed. It told me to go to the train station. There I met a very mysterious Joe who told me we were having dinner and it was extremely important that I wasn’t late. Then he handed me another letter and left with no explanation.

“Meet me by the bridge at 6:30pm where our love and friendship was locked forever…”

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Two years go, Joe and I placed padlocks on a Melbourne bridge to signify that our love would last forever. Tearing up and hyperventilating on the tram, I raced down the street in the rain towards the bridge. I made it to the stairs and there I saw Joe smiling, handsome as ever, standing in a suit.

We embraced and I could hear his heart pounding. I felt a box in his jacket pocket… Joe started to tell me about how he couldn’t sleep because he had been so excited. He told me of his dreams for the future and that what made them so special was the fact that he wanted to achieve them with his best friend. At this stage I was balling my eyes out.

“So darling…Will you marry me?” Joe asked with tears in his eyes.

“YES!!!!!!” Joe then placed the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen on my finger and took me on a romantic dinner river cruise.

Image 6 of Katie and Joe

It was the most magical night. I can’t believe how perfect it was and how blessed I am to be marrying the most incredible man I know.

And the rest is history…

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Special Thanks

Daniel Stacey
 | Photographer