Katie and Jason

How We Met

In 2015 we met in Microbiology class as we were preparing for nursing school. We sat at the same table and became lab partners! Through small talk and conversation, we became friends. Christmas break came and I couldn’t go without keeping up with this guy. I was in another relationship at the time but it was headed nowhere. That relationship ended fast. We texted some and began to hang out after 4 months. Then the heart eyes and butterflies began! Well, let’s just say I had them way back in Micro class… After 7 months of friendship, he asked me to be his girlfriend! We dated 2 1/2 years and then came proposal!

how they asked

The day began with flowers on my dresser with a note that said be ready at 8 am for my Mom to pick you up! Totally surprised and had no clue what was in store! We arrived at the spa where he had the whole treatment planned. After this, my friend Christa picked me up to take me to get my nails done. At this point, I kind of knew something was up, but I still wasn’t sure. She took me back home where I saw another note on my bed that said be ready for dinner at 7 we have reservations! He had a bag of bath bombs, petals on the bed, and a new bible where he had highlighted verses in them that he thought resembled me. I cried and cried and cried, haha. He picked me up and right before we get off the exit for our dinner venue he said close your eyes. Must keep in mind he is speeding so fast at this point. I looked at him and said “No! I don’t want to die! You are going way to fast!” He then told me again to close my eyes and I finally did. Within 5 minutes we arrive at some place where I hear him punch in a gate code and I hear a man speak over an intercom. We drive in and he gets me out of the car and we walk a few feet. He turns me around and says to open my eyes. I saw the most beautiful view of my city there is! He then turns me around the other way and I see roses, candles, and wooden signs on a staircase. We walk up and he gets on one knee! Photo captured by his best man hiding in the bushes on his Apple Watch. Lol!

Special Thanks

Bryan and Christa Whimbish | 
Photography and set up