Katie and Jason

How We Met

Moving to Kansas City almost 3 years ago, I only knew 2 people. One of which, Rachel, invited me to go to a “beer Olympics” party at Jason’s house. Up until this time I had only met Jason’s roommates because Jason was away on a field assignment. It wasn’t until the end of the night, when we teamed up on one of the games. I was on the team that was flying under the radar since, my partner, Lauren and I were both new to the area. My team was sitting in 3rd place. Whereas Jason and his partner, Kyle, were in the race for first place. We teamed up to try and run away with the Gold medal. It ended up, that neither of us walked away with the first place prize. However, after chatting for several hours after the competitions ended, we both walked away as the real winners. Because he was on a field assignments there was a bit of a delay but we started dating 2 months later in May of 2016. The rest is history :)

How they asked

Jason and I had been wanting to take a train trip to Herman for over a year. They finally found a free weekend and decided to go for the day 4/22. Because we wanted to make a day of it, we took the train to Herman Saturday afternoon and got in just in time for a late dinner. These plans were made before Jason knew the ring would be in. He was expecting his custom ring to not be ready for another 1-2 weeks. He received a call the Wednesday before our trip that the ring came in early!

I love being surprised. Jason knew the engagement and engagement ring would be no different. Jason was so concerned with making sure it was a surprise, he even waited to ask my dad for permission 30 minutes before I met him at his house to head to the train station. He knew my family wouldn’t be able to keep a secret from me for long.

We made it to Herman, MO in time for a late dinner. I later found out the ring was burning a hole in Jason’s pocket the whole train ride and evening. However, he was planning to find a nice quiet spot at one of the wineries we were visiting the following day.

Sunday morning we were ready a little early before the bed and breakfast served breakfast. Jason picked this place to stay due to the beautiful rooftop deck the overlooked the Missouri river. So we decided to have our morning coffee outside before breakfast. However, it was raining just enough for it to be inconvenient but it was still beautiful! We kept debating back in forth if we should go inside because the light mist was starting to turn into a drizzle. Finally, Jason said “fine we can go in”. In which I headed towards the door. He then pulled me back to say “but first I want to ask you something”. That is when Jason asked me the easiest question, “Will you marry me”.

Special Thanks