Katie and Jarrid

How We Met

Our proposal could not have been more perfect. In our newly owned home, with our first puppy that we named Krypto, named after Superman’s dog! (As we are huge comic book fans :)) I was upstairs, getting ready for an event, when my fiancé, Jarrid, yelled to me upstairs “Hey Katie, come downstairs and take a look at Krypto, theres something on him!”. I immediately ran downstairs and my little white fluffy puppy came running towards me, like he always did, and as I checked him over I didn’t notice anything obvious. Then i lifted his head and notice something additionally shiny on his collar. Before I could realize what it was, my loving fiancé was down on one knee. He took the puppy in his arms, and told me that I was the love of his life, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and our puppy! it was unexpected and absolutely perfect with just the three of us. The best part was the we were both emotional, trying to hold each other, and our bouncing boy was was giving us endless kisses, like he knew his dad did something amazing. We took our initial engagement pictures with us and Krypto, but a few months later, we knew we wanted our family to grow. And on a whim one day, we did it, and came home our Great Dane puppy, Bruce Wayne! We knew then we needed more pictures with both of our boys and that is what we used for our Save the Dates! We could not be happier and cannot wait for our wedding day, which will put us together for 4 years and and 2 months which right after we hope to continue to grow our family with more puppies and children! It really is a true love story.

Where to Propose in Our home

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our home

Special Thanks

Anthony Kniss
 | Photographer