Katie and Jarrid

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My fiance Jarrid and I had been together for 3 wonderful years. He and I had always lived in apetments and could never own pets, though we both had a grown up in homes where we always had at least 1 dog. Two and a half years later, We bought our first home together and began to renovate the entire thing by ourselves. Believe me it had been a stressful first few months, but we pushed through, and frankly still are. Not even one month into living there, I kept talking about how the finishing touch to our new home would be a dog of our very own. Needless to say, 3 months later I came home from work and there was my fiance holding a white golden retriever pup with a Santa hat on and I was instantly in love. We named him Krypto after Superman’s dog! ( we are huge comic book nerds). Three months later, we were at home and I was upstairs getting ready to leave for an event when my fiancé yells upstairs “hey come down here you need to look at Krypto!” I immediately ran downstairs thinking something was wrong, and the pup came running towards me like he always did. I knelt down to look at him and did not notice anything wrong, but I did notice something extra shiny on his collar. Before I could realize it was the ring of my dreams,my loving fiancé was down on one knee, holding outlet boy, telling me that he loved me and he wanted me to be his wife. It could not have been more perfect, just the 3 of us. Now, almost 4 years later, we are still working on renovations with our beautiful golden retriever, and the newest member, our Great Dane pup that we named Bruce Wayne!!! I could not ask for a better life with all my boys

Special Thanks

Anthony Kniss
 | Photographer