Katie and Jared

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How We Met

I had just moved back to Georgia to attend grad school at The University of Georgia after college. I left all my of my friends back in Chicago and knew only one person when I moved to Athens, Ga. My mom came to visit one night and over glasses of wine, I got to talking with the bartender. She was so sweet and asked me to go out with her and her roommate that weekend. Saturday night came and I was pretty nervous about going out with someone I just met in a new city. However, I sucked it up and we all went downtown for some drinks.

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Little did I know her friend and neighbor was also planning to go downtown. Her neighbor brought along with him his friend Jared, who wasn’t planning to go out either and was convicted by his friends. At the first bar, we got to my new friend, saw her neighbor and called him over. Jared and I were introduced that night. We hit it off immediately and a week later we officially got together at a Georgia football game and have been inseparable since that night. The photo attached is from that football game where I just simply told him ” You know I want to be with you right?”

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how they asked

After almost 3 years of dating, Jared and I decided to move to Utah for his job. We have made some amazing friends in Georgia so we wanted to plan a going away party with all of them before the move. Jared took charge and planned the whole thing, renting a lake house and coordinating with all of our friends. That Friday I went and got my nails done and went shopping with some of my girlfriends (not unusual). When I got back to the house, my parents were in the kitchen to surprise me! I asked why there were there and they said that this might be the last chance they would have to see me before we move and that they wanted to have a “talk” before we left.

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My stomach dropped and I had a bad feeling they were going to try to convince me to not move to Utah. We all walked down to the dock for a private talk and when we got own there a photographer jumped out of the woods. That’s when I knew and the tears came. Jared had the whole dock covered in candles, twinkle lights and rose petals. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! After he proposed we went back to the house and had a huge party with all of our friends!

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