Katie and Jaime

How We Met: I met Jaime during my senior year at the University of Central Florida. We both played volleyball at UCF, resulting in us having many mutual friends, but somehow we didn’t meet until our senior year. Jaime’s favorite part of our story actually happened my freshman year, unbeknownst to me, he and his friends were at one of my volleyball games; according to him, he pointed at me and said, “I want her” (soooooo romantic).

Fast-forward three years, our relationship had an unconventional beginning, my roommate introduced us when we were out at a local bar, saying we didn’t hit it off is putting it lightly. Much to my surprise a couple weeks later I was playing volleyball at the UCF Rec and Wellness Center with one of his teammates, he came over to play, and without me even realizing that this was the same guy from the bar, we hit it off.

That same night my roommate and I had plans to go to trivia night at The Moat (a local restaurant), so we invited Jaime along. Jaime and I had a great time and the night ended with us exchanging phone numbers (or as he likes to tell everyone, I threw myself at him by giving him my number). I never would have thought that the guy I told to hit the road at my favorite college bar would become the incredible man that I get to spend the rest of my life with!

how they asked:I will preface by saying, an engagement was not on my radar, yes we had talked about getting married one day but I always thought we were the couple that would be the last to get married out of all of our friends. The night before our engagement one of my friends flew in from Pennsylvania “for a job interview”, while we were eating dinner he asked me when I thought Jaime and I would get engaged, I literally responded saying it would be YEARS! I joke that even if Jaime had told me the morning of our engagement that he was going to propose that day, I would not have believed him!! Much to my surprise YEARS turned into 24 hours.

On Friday February 13, 2015 Jaime told me plan on going to Bar Louie for dinner with his co-workers, at about 5:15pm I was still working with students (I am a learning specialist at UCF) and there was not an end to the day in sight. I told him I might have to cancel on our plans. Almost immediately after I told him that, I got a text from my director telling me and the two other football advisors that coach needed us to get over to the football building immediately.

We all got in my co-workers car nervously and contemplated what the conversation was going to be like. Our director said to just walk to the field (which never happens) leading us to believe that we were really in trouble. As we pulled up and walked to the stadium my director was waiting by the gate looking nervous. We all started to walk though one of the tunnels to the field when my boss turned around and said, “before we meet, someone has something to ask you”.

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I walked out on to the UCF football field and saw Jaime standing at the fifty-yard line looking handsome as ever in a grey suit with black suspenders. He was smiling from ear to ear, knowing that he was pulling off my dream engagement. At that point I knew what was about to happen. Immediately, tears started flowing down my face and I could barely walk!! After what felt like forever I made my way to the middle of the field to him.

I can barely remember what he said, but I know he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him; it was the easiest question I have ever answered! As he stood up I heard someone behind us yell “what did she say!?” I turned around to see my family, his family, and some of our closest friends in the stadium above the tunnel I JUST walked through. I was in complete shock; I couldn’t believe that I just got engaged to the man of my dreams and that our families were there the entire time!

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As if the engagement wasn’t perfect enough, my mom had a champagne tailgate set up in the alumni parking lot outside of the stadium so we could all celebrate and toast to “the future Mr. and Mrs. Roberts”.


So much of our relationship took place at UCF, which made our very own UCF tailgate the perfect engagement party for us! I am blown away by every thoughtful detail of our engagement. I love him, my family, and UCF so much; I couldn’t have planned a more perfect engagement if I tried.