Katie and Jacob

How We Met

First things first: I did NOT want to meet Jacob (Jake) when our mutual friends decided to set us up. They had told me he about him but I was completely uninterested (I was a little shy and not looking to date anyone at the time). We both attended those same mutual friends’ wedding (I was a bridesmaid) and he was a guest (cousin of the groom). I knew he was coming and purposefully avoided him so I wouldn’t have to talk to him. Despite my “disinterest” I spotted him in the back row of the church the moment I walked down the aisle. But I may or may not have changed tables during the reception so I didn’t sit right behind him and risk being introduced.

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Fast forward a few months and I (finally) agreed to meet him at a trivia night in our home town. I was super nervous and had a backup plan in case the entire night was a disaster. To my surprise, the night was a blast. He was the easiest person to talk to, had a killer smile, gorgeous blue eyes, was knowledgeable about Italian wine (100 automatic brownie points!) and had the most gentlemanly manners I had ever witnessed in someone my age. Essentially I was smitten from the first night we met. After a few outings with friends over the following days and weeks he asked me on our first date. I knew he was the man I was going to marry from the time we began officially dating.

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how they asked

My family planned a trip to Washington DC for a tennis tournament in August that happened to coincide with our one year dating anniversary. On our first evening in DC, Jake asked me if I would like to get dressed up to go look at monuments downtown. My parents had hired a car for us to all be chauffeured around town so we wouldn’t have to deal with crowds or the Metro. Of course I agreed (what gal doesn’t love to get dressed up?!) and I began to get dressed up and ready to go.

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At the last minute, my mom called me from the lobby of the hotel saying my dad wasn’t feeling well and they weren’t going to see monuments. I was disappointed but still excited to spend the evening with just Jake to celebrate a year of dating. Little did I know that they were in on his plan and never intended on going at all! After we had driven to see the monuments, we crossed the Potomac River to see the Jefferson Memorial. As I found out later, Jake had remembered that it is my favorite spot in DC and chose it specifically for the proposal site. We hopped out of our car to walk around the monument and enjoy the views.

Katie's Proposal in Jefferson Memorial, Washington D.C.

As we stood in between the towering columns looking out over the most beautiful city in America, he turned to me and said he was happy this was our first anniversary of dating but it would also be our last as boyfriend and girlfriend. My heart began to beat 100 miles a minute and all I could say was “Jake! Jake!”. He got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

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He then asked if I would marry him and after I squealed “YES!” he slipped the ring on my finger.

After he stood up, kissed me and wiped the tears from my eyes, he told me that the photographer behind us wasn’t taking photos of the monuments. She was actually taking pictures of us and had been there the whole time! He had booked a local DC photographer to capture the entire proposal and it was beyond perfect!

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