Katie and Jack

Image 1 of Katie and Jack

How We Met

We met at Hartwick College in 2014 when we were paired up in the same marketing class. On a family trip to Cape Cod, Jack texted me and asked for the marketing homework, which was ironic as we didn’t have any homework that weekend. During the whole trip my mom always tells the story how I was on my phone smiling and giggling the whole weekend. When we got back to school we started dating and have been together for four years since then.

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how they asked

Every year my family goes on our annual family vacation to Cape Cod. Four years previously Jack asked me for the marketing homework in Cape Cod which began the story of how we met and started dating. Each year when we started to go as a couple on my family vacation we always took a picture together to document the trip. Four years later with my entire family in the loop, Jack got down on one knee and asked me to marry him at our spot in the same place where it all started.

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Special Thanks

Joseph Hovis- brother in law
 | Photographer