Katie and Gus

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How We Met

Gus and I are college sweethearts who met at Troy University, where he is a Communications major and I am a Nursing Student. Our first conversation occurred at the dining hall after church in January 2016. I had gone to lunch with some sorority sisters and we ended up at a table with some friends in Alpha Tau Omega, a fraternity on campus. I sat right beside a cute guy in a sweater, who later introduced himself as Gus. We made small talk about the weather, majors, and DJ Khaled (romantic, right?) and swapped Snapchat usernames to keep in touch. Later, our conversations became much more frequent until he asked my best friend Meredith where to go

on a date in Troy. Fast forward to our first date, and I opened my apartment door to the same cute guy in another sweater. After the first date, we began spending time with one another daily, spending hours driving around Troy getting to know one another. We clicked instantly, and I eagerly said yes to a Valentine’s Day date. He told me a time to be ready and said to be ready for the best day ever. Gus is a master of the “little things”, so I knew that our day was about to be incredible. Before we even left the driveway, he surprised me with my favorite candy, a Dr. Pepper, and a playlist of all of my favorite songs that he had saved and pretended to love during our drives. We drove over 400 miles that day, and ended our adventure in his favorite place, The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama. It was there that he told me that he wanted to share this place and memories here with his future wife. We kissed for the first time as the sun set over the bay, not knowing that our adventure had just started.

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how they asked

As all college students know, finals season is a VERY stressful time. We had just finished up classes for the semester and were studying for finals when Gus suggested going on a lunch date after church in Montgomery, about 45 minutes from Troy, before finals week got crazy and we weren’t able to spend time together. Little did I know, he was simply trying to get me out of Troy so everything could be set up! The same week, my sweet friend Martha and I had planned to get our nails done after finals together instead of giving Christmas presents. We had semi formal on Saturday, so I thought nothing of it when she asked if we could move up our time from after finals to Friday. Semi formal came and went, and on Sunday we headed to Montgomery for lunch still dressed up for church and me with a fresh manicure to match (Still thankful for that one Martha). We had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and even went to the store to buy me Christmas socks for my sorority’s sock swap that night. I had always heard brides say that their husbands were acting different and nervous the day they proposed, but he played it so cool all day that I did not suspect a THING! On the way home, I suggested that he drop me off at home so that I could nap before hitting the books. He had a better idea, and asked if I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go sit in one of the swings on Troy’s quad. My inner procrastinator agreed and we parked and began walking through the quad to one of the swings. Before we made it, though, he stopped me, dropped down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

After lots of squeals, hugs, and a big ole YES from me, he turned me around and I saw our families and my best friend (and now Maid of Honor) Meredith, who had hidden in a nearby building and had witnessed the whole thing. We celebrated and took pictures, and then returned to my house where our friends and family had surprised us with the most perfect engagement party! Troy University has given both of us so much in our time here, and I cannot imagine a better or more beautiful place to start our forever. It was the very best day, and I am thrilled to be Gus’s future WIFE!

Katie's Proposal in Troy University

Special Thanks

Sam Moody
 | Photographer