Katie and Erik

Proposal Ideas Lincoln City Oregon

How We Met

Erik and I met May 12th, 2014 on a blind date at the Thirsty Lion. We both will tell you that the first date was not where sparks flew but on the second date on Bald Peak where Erik and I watched the sun set and the moon move across the sky while we talked and laughed until almost 4 am on a Wednesday work night.

how they asked

A little back story before the actual proposal… The very first year that Erik and I were together we planned a trip to Lincoln City for my birthday. Erik wanted to take me to private beach and watch the sunset, and I wanted a bonfire. We stopped at a nearby grocery store to pick up supplies to build a fire. I asked the lady checking us out if they had any free papers we could have and the lady replied no. Erik kept checking the other items out and I (not believing her, and rightfully so) found a stack of free local newspapers by the front door. I grabbed a stack to help start the fire on the beach. As we were watching the sun set Erik went to reach for a beer when he happened to glance at the stack of papers and read “Firework show at Chinook Winds June 21st.” We realized that the firework show was going to start in about an hour! Luckily we had not started a fire yet and the casino was not that far away. We grabbed our stuff and raced over to the show.

Katie's Proposal in Lincoln City Oregon

When we got out of the car we had no clue where the fireworks were going to be launched at and just started walking towards the beach area. We saw a few people with blankets and decided they must be in the right place. Less then 5 minutes later the most incredible fireworks show either one of us had ever seen was happening right above our head. We had completely lucked out in so many ways. From that year on it became a tradition. Well the weekend of June 17th, 2016 was no different. We packed up the car and headed out to the coast to check into our hotel One of our favorite things to do at coast is to sit on the beach and watch the sunset together. Both of us had to work on the 17th which was a Friday so they barely made it to our hotel room by sunset. Erik asked me to look up what time the sun was suppose to set while he drove and it lucked out that it was suppose to set at 9:08 pm and we would be arriving at 9:00 pm! Once we checked in we raced up to the room, and dropped our bags down to go out to the deck to watch the sunset. Erik told me to go ahead outside and he would be right there.

The weather was perfect, warm, the sky was beautiful. I stood on the balcony watching the sun set over the ocean when I felt Erik put his arms around me. I was thinking it was such a wonderful and romantic way to start my birthday weekend when Erik whispered in my ear “Katie, Will you marry me?” I looked up and saw that he had a box open with a ring inside. I jumped up in excitement, then almost knocked the ring out of his hand and yelled “YES!” He put the ring on my finger and watched the sun go down as an engaged couple. The whole weekend was incredible. The next day I called my best friend and Maid of Honor Sara and while we were talking 2 deer walked out onto the beach.

Later that night we watched the fireworks and I asked Erik if he would build me a fire on the beach. We looked out and there happen to be one dying out. We walked over to it and Erik got the fire going again. We relaxed to the sound of the ocean while watching the flames dance across the driftwood. While they were sitting there with the moon shining down on the ocean, on the warmest summer night, Erik reached behind the log we were sitting on and there was a cold unopened beer left there, as if it was meant just for that moment. We shared this beer and took it all in. The next day we sat on the balcony and watched as a whole group of whales swam right by our hotel room. The weekend couldn’t have been a more perfect way to start the next chapter of our lives together.