Katie and Eric


How We Met

Kay and I met at a day volunteer camp called TLC camp. This is a week long adventure camp dedicated to children who are fighting/fought cancer.

The camp is 1 week long and allows kids and one of their siblings to get away and enjoy life; they put aside all their treatments and the daily chaotic schedule of doctors appointments, treatments, needle sticks even surgeries to have 1 week where they forget about their battle and just enjoy being a kid. Kay and I are both counselors their, I’ve been working at this camp every summer for the past 13 summers.

The camp is broken down into “groups” a group consists of a councilor in training, a jr. Counselor, a senor counselor and a photographer to document your week. About four years ago I read a name which seemed like a new comer to camp as a counselor, the name read “Katie L.” And she was listed as my photographer, I was the senor counselor…

I remember showing up that first day of camp trying to round up all my counselors and campers that year, I didn’t recognize any names on my sheet the camp provided me with so I just started hollering  “KATIE L ???? IM LOOKING FOR A KATIE L? YOU ARE MY PHOTOGRAPHER THIS YEAR!!”  And too my surprise, my jaw drops when I see this huge smile from this adorable cute blonde girl laughing saying “oh gosh, I’m Katie!”


I always think to myself it was the perfect place to meet someone, a camp dedicated to children with cancer, a place with the foundation that’s built on love with warm kind people volunteering their time to a cause bigger than ourselves. It was in a place of love we met, and it would be in love we fall in the future.

Katie and I were friends for about a year after meeting; she was a college student and I was studying fire science and training to be a firemen at a local fire academy. We always got along great, for just meeting 1 year prior it was like whenever we talked/texted or had a conversation things flowed, it was as if I’ve known her forever, there were no awkward pauses there were no uncomftorble moments of silence or loss of conversation or something to laugh about or connect on.

During our friendship Katie from time to time would fill me in on her love life in college and I’d give her advice as to what I thought Was best for her, I’d share current events about my life in which she always had such good things to say or advice to give as well, our friendship was made so fast from Tlc camp but it felt like I had known her my whole life.

how they asked

Fast forward a couple years and I’m standing in a small town jeweler with a ring that She absolutely fell in love with on Pinterest. (Yes i took a mental note as she showed me a random picture a year back saying “omg I’m inlove with this ring”)

Little does she know I hunted high and low and made calls to several different stores in several different states just to find a ring that matched the exact ring she had imagined from the ring she saw in that picture.I decided not to settle on an everyday ring and go for her “dream type” ring. Well I found one and I had it shipped to a near by jeweler… It was everything and more.


the plan….

every year we take a vacation up north to her favorite place on earth, Lake Buckatobon Wisconsin. I knew if I was going to ask her to marry me I wanted that memory attached to a place she also holds near and dear to her heart, it was her childhood family get away and now it will be forever tied as a memory of  the start of our lives. We met in a place of love we got engaged in a place she loved.


i planned it all out with her dad, we had this idea if I ask her on August third she would have no idea since that’s the date of her parents anniversary (a day which is special to her she’s such a family gal) the idea to get engaged on her parents anniversary is not only something she’s going to love but the best gift for her parents. “Happy anniversary !! Your present??? A new son in law!!”


I love fishing so I really wanted to incorporate a piece of what I love into the puzzle. The entire week I was a nervous wreck, I was acting strange, saying weird things, feeling jittery and probably smiling way too often, this was one of the most exciting times of my life and you could definitely tell I was up too something!

The morning of August third I had the plan I was going to go fishing off the dock… While I went down to the pier I had brought with me a small tackle box I had made for her made from a plastic Plano fishing box…


The tackle box on the outside cover reads “I couldn’t think of a ‘sweeter’ way too reel you in” it was decorated with fishing construction paper and fishing rod stickers…. Inside the tackle box she would find three major keys to this play ok words, a fishing lure that had the word “hook” written on it, a fishing line with a small note that read “line” and a red and white classic bobber that read “sinker” – “hook line and sinker”.


The rest of the tackle box was filled with assorted gummy candy that was fishing related (sweetish fish, sour fish gummies, gummy worms etc) * (‘sweetest’  way to reel you in)*…. I had put this small little tackle box in top droor of my big fishing tacklebox.


I headed down to the dock where we have our boats tied up, the morning was beautiful, the Sun was shining the water was still and the temperature was perfect. I had set up cameras and pretended I was fishing… Her parents came down second then her brother and his friend.

Katie eventually made her way down to the dock, she expected us all to load up in the pontoon boat and head out and go fishing. So as she made it to the dock she entered the pontoon boat, I was still casting off the dock and my tackle box say on a wooden bench that sits on the dock.


As I took my final cast, I asked Katie “hey Kay, can you grab me a different lure from the top droor of my tacklebox I wanna change it up” (this was not a strange request for me so without hesitation she agreed) Kay walks from the pontoon boat over to my tackle box on the bench which sits behind me….

As she opens the top droor, she see’s this small box and immediately says under her breath “wait what?”  As she reads her note she opens her taxklebox up (i often do creative crafty things so at this point she was just thinking this is just a sweet “something” I made her).
With her tacklebox opened up, she reads her message “hook line and sinker”, she says “awwww” and that’s when I dropped my fishing pole turned to her, dropped to one knee and told her “every year I come here hoping to catch the biggest fish, and now I realize I already have the greatest catch of my entire life, will you marry me?”


The rest is history. – she said yes!


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