Katie and Dylan

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How We Met

It all started in New Hampshire when I first met Dylan in middle school through our mutual best friend, Rebecca. From the moment I met Dylan I had the biggest crush on him, but never thought I would get the chance to be his girlfriend. Dylan and I become such great friends, and although my crush becomes more significant with time, I cherished our friendship above all else. A few years later when I was 15, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina with my family. It was so hard leaving my friends and my crush 650 miles away, but it was best for my family in the long run to make the move. All throughout high school and college Dylan and I kept in touch with the occasional “hello” and “happy birthday.” While we were in college, our dear friend Rebecca passed away after a long battle with Cancer. It was a tragic loss for both of us, but I do believe Rebecca is smiling down on us from above. Once we both graduated college, Dylan and I reconnected in January 2015, but this time was different. We found ourselves talking on the phone for hours at a time and reminiscing about some of the memories we’d had from middle school. We talked about Rebecca and the impact she had on us, and how it would be so nice to reconnect for her. One day in particular, Dylan mentioned that he was serious about coming to visit me in Charlotte. It had been over 9 years since I had seen Dylan and the moment I saw him coming down the escalator at the airport, I knew my life would change forever. After that first visit, we were inseparable. We were long distance for 8 months, but through letters, FaceTime dates and several trips back and forth we made it work. Dylan ended up moving down to Charlotte in September of 2015, and this gave our relationship the opportunity it needed to truly flourish.

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how they asked

My mom and I had been invited to a childhood friends wedding that was being held in Massachusetts on July 24th, 2017. We knew we couldn’t miss it, so we decided to make the trip from Charlotte, NC. This would also serve as the perfect opportunity for us to visit our close family members that lived in Maine, due to distance we scarcely see them. As we began to book our plane tickets, we also reached out to Dylan’s parents who live in New Hampshire to see if we could spend a night with them as well.

On Saturday afternoon, Dylan drove my mom and I to the airport. Little did I know, he would be making the same trip 4 hours laterto catch his own flight! Never in a million years would I think the most amazing day of my life would be happening in less than 48 hours. Sunday, July 23, 2017. We flew into Manchester, New Hampshire and rented a car to drive to my Aunts in Scarborough, Maine. We spent the evening reminiscing with my mom, aunt and cousin. Catching up with them meant the world to me. I hadn’t seen them in a couple years, but it was almost as if no time has passed at all. The next morning we woke up and drove to my Nannies (my mom’s mom). We had breakfast together at her favorite place, IHop! She’s currently battling Parkinson’s Disease, so every second we get to spend together is a moment I’ll cherish forever. Today she was having a great day and I was happy to be able to spend quality time with her.

Once we finished with breakfast, we headed back to my aunts and got ready to go to the Beach! I was so excited because Higgins Beach was the beach I grew up on. Everyone has two or three places that bring them total serenity and happiness, and Higgins Beach is one of mine. To my dismay (in the moment), when I went to grab my things, my mom told me we were going to Crescent Beach. I was disappointed, but understood that my mom also grew up here and hadn’t been to Crescent Beach in years. We compromised by deciding to go to the Higgins Beach Inn for dinner after taking a nice walk on Higgins Beach. The weather that day was absolutely perfect, we reallyenjoyed lounging around and spending time together. Nevertheless, something inside me was unable to focus on the now, I was so excited to get to Higgins Beach I could hardly contain my excitement. Hours later, we finally finished getting ready for dinner andmy mom and I left to make our way to Higgins. Little did I know, we weren’t the only ones there! The second most incredible feeling in the world was the first sight of Higgins Beach. There is something so special about Higgins, I can’t even begin to describe it! As cheesy as this sounds, my heart was so full being back on this beach. I even texted Dylan telling him I was over the moon happy to be there (of course wishing he was there to experience it with me).

All of the memories from my childhood overcame me as my mom and I began our stroll down the beach. Higgins Beach is not only where I spent my summers as a child, but where four-generations of my family grew up and made memories. As we’re walking on the beach we decided to go far out where there was an old shipwreck. We normally didn’t go out that far out, but I figured it would be nice to walk a bit longer. While passing the shipwreck, my mom starts telling me that it’s plover hatching season (some kind of protected bird) and it would be cool if we could go around dunes and see the nests. We proceed to walk past a sharp bend in the dunes, and I see a photographer taking pictures of a beautiful pregnant woman. I quickly comment on how beautiful it is that she is getting her maternity photos done on the beach, and those were the last words I spoke before being utterly and completely surprised.

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Before I knew it, I saw Dylan standing there. Our song, “Forever Starts Today,” by Tim Halperin was playing and I immediately broke down. I started sobbing tears of joy because I knew this was our time – this was our moment. The photographer was actually there for our engagement and was capturing the entire series of events. When I finally gain the strength to look up, I see 6 long-stemmed roses standing in the sand, with pictures of me and Dylan in sequential order in staked in the sand behind them. They made a path for me to follow, three on each side of me as I made my way to Dylan, still crying. Finally, we embraced for what seemed like a perfect eternity, and I knew in my heart that I had the most perfect man. He looked at me, and in our own silly moment he whispered with a sweet grin, “are you ready?!”

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I smiled and nodded with tears streaming down my face. He got down on one knee and said, “I’ve known we were meant to be since the first time we said goodbye to each other during our long distance phase. The pain I felt in my heart was suffocating. Please, never make me say goodbye again, will you do me the honor of being my wife?” I said YES!

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Suddenly, I see people come out from behind the dunes, Dylan had coordinated my Dad and his parents to be there for us. I couldn’t believe he had them there, it meant the world to me. Never could I have dreamed of a better proposal. Never could I have imagined being completely surprised by such a perfect moment in such a perfect place. Dylan proposed to me on Higgins Beach, my favorite place in the world. I can’t wait for our love story to really start in October of 2018.

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Special Thanks

Bob & Sue Hoffman
 | Planning
Jay & Julie Lustig
 | Planning
Hannah Jean
 | Photographer