Katie and Dominic

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sand Haven Christmas Tree Farm in Perris, CA

How We Met

Dominic and I met on Bumble, a detail we used to be a little embarrassed about but in hindsight, we are so grateful we swiped! Shortly after we began dating, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t somehow already met before. We both lived in San Diego during the same time frame for college and our families lived 10 minutes away from each other in our home towns! We like to think Bumble was the nudge we needed to cross paths in life. The entire first year of our relationship was long-distance, I had accepted a dream opportunity to move to San Francisco for work, while Dominic continued to love in San Diego. We each saw our share of airports that year, but in the end, attribute that milestone to strengthening our relationship. For year 2 of the relationship, I got a new job and moved to San Diego and we moved in together.

How They Asked

Throughout our dating life, Dominic and I started a mini-competition amongst ourselves on who would be the best gift giver. Each holiday one of us would top one another with everything from shoes to concert tickets to surprise parties. I declared Dominic the ultimate winner this past October when he got me the greatest birthday surprise of all, a puppy! With such a thoughtful and large gift, the idea of a proposal or the possibility of one, quickly took a backseat as I was completely enamored with Diego, our new French Bulldog.

Katie's Proposal in Sand Haven Christmas Tree Farm in Perris, CA

Little did I know this was all part of Dominic’s plan to throw me off and distract me from an even bigger surprise to come. My sister and brother in law are photographers and I noticed one day that they had some upcoming photoshoots at a Christmas tree farm. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get some great shots of Dominic, Diego and myself for a fun Christmas card. I scheduled it and thought nothing of it. Meanwhile, Dominic had already been hard at work prepping for the biggest day of our lives. He purchased a ring and was just waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question.

Since I am nosy by nature and hard to surprise, Dominic had to figure out how to make sure I wouldn’t catch on to anything. He took this all into consideration when deciding to turn this photoshoot into a proposal! We arrived at the Christmas tree farm that day and I was so excited to take photos and showcase little Diego. After a few photos, my sister directed us to stand back to back and take three steps forward, away from each other. She then told us to turn around and once I did, I saw Dominic on one knee holding the most gorgeous diamond ring I had ever seen.

I was floored and utterly shocked! My mind flooded with questions and I couldn’t stop smiling in disbelief. We were both so nervous and excited that we stayed there frozen for one whole minute, him on one knee and me with both hands on my face. Luckily my brother in law chimed in with a whisper and Dominic asked the magic question I had dreamed of hearing. I said YES! And the beautiful moment was captured with amazing photos. We celebrated and of course told Diego the good news!

Special Thanks

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