Katie and David

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How We Met

I had graduated from college in May 2015 and applied for a transfer at my job so I could move back home to Ohio. Only a couple of months later I had a desire to move again. A good friend of mine, Ellen, was interviewing for a job that would place her in Denver, CO, and I decided I would move with her. I spoke to my employer who also had a location in Colorado and they said I could transfer but the location needed me ASAP which was sooner than I planned on moving. Luckily I had another friend, Emily, who was living in Boulder getting her masters and she let me live with her until Ellen was in Colorado.

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Fast forward to the end of September 2015. I drove cross country to Colorado and get settled at Emily’s. She convinced me to download Tinder to which my response was, “No way! I don’t want to meet hipsters from Boulder. I want to meet people in Denver!” She then showed me how to set the mileage to Denver. Then I see David and it said “David super liked you!” So I look through his photos. Dirt bikes and border collie. Done! I swiped right. Then he hit me with the, “I’m just going to get straight to it. You choose our first date,” and gave me options A, B & C! I said all of them! David also was living 2 hours away and happened to be in Denver the exact weekend Emily convinced me to download Tinder otherwise, we would have never met!

We spoke for a week, had our first date and David ended the night by saying, “I’m going to date you!” I was a little shocked because it was our first date. But then he kept surprising me and he was just so much fun! Our first 3 dates happened to be options A, B & C! We quickly started to spend every weekend together which turned to every day.

On December 20, 2015, David and I were going to give long distance a try as he committed to a project in Fort Myers, FL. After getting off work on Sunday, David was going to finish packing and hit the road at midnight. I was super emotional and he said, “What’s 5 more hours. Let’s have one more night together,” and I’m SOOO grateful he said those words.

We wake up at 5 am on December 21, 2015, and 30 minutes later, I received a call from my brother. He told me my mother passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. I screamed. David came running into the room and helped me to the floor. Everything was a blur, but I remember him saying, “I will be here for you. Let’s get you home to your family. I’m going to marry you so don’t worry about me. I’ll be here.”

I believe in God. I believe that God prepared my heart for David at the most perfect time. God knew he was calling my mom home to heaven and placed David in my life so I would never have to be alone. I believe God was the reason David decided to stay one more night, so I wouldn’t be alone when I got the worst news of my life.

February 2016 I moved to Fort Myers with David… and the rest is history :)

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How They Asked

In November 2019, I took my mother’s ring that I wear every day to be fixed and I decided to look at engagement rings and there it was. The most perfect diamond I have ever seen. I quickly called David and told him about it. When I had to pick up my ring, he came with me and I showed him. After he was very adamant about confirming that was THE DIAMOND. And I assured him it was. So I started to get my hopes up thinking he was going to buy that diamond!

Then for months and months, nothing happened. Around April 2020 I asked him if we were going to ever get married! He expressed that coronavirus had ruined his plans and to be patient. (I’m not a patient person haha)

August 2020 we decide to plan a road trip from Florida to upstate New York where he is from. So I think maybe it’ll happen on this trip, considering we haven’t taken a vacation since January! So I make sure I have the cutest clothes and my nails done.. just in case :).

Fast forward to the last day of our trip! David and I get dressed up and he says we are going to my favorite lake in Skaneateles. And I’m convinced it’s happening. Then nothing! We go back to his mom’s and David asked what was wrong (because I couldn’t hide my disappointment). So I tell him and he says he has a plan but it’s back in Florida.

Monday, August 24, we pack up the truck, the dogs, and hit the road. Randomly David goes, “Let’s stop by the lake one more time for lunch since we pass it in our way.” So we stop, have a cute picnic and then David said, “Why don’t we take the dog back to my mom’s and stay one more night and get a hotel right at the lake!”

We booked the most perfect room with a lake view and get ready for dinner. I made a reservation for 6:30 PM and with 30 minutes to spare we decide to take some pictures by the water.

We see an older couple try to take pictures of themselves and David offers to take their photo. They said, “Oh that would be wonderful! We are celebrating our anniversary,” so we congratulate them, take some photos and David asks if they would return the favor. So we get some photos and then David got down on one knee, said the most beautiful words, and asked me to marry him!!!!!

It was the most special moment of my life and the easiest YES!

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David told me he was so nervous he was going to wait until after dinner so he could have a drink haha. But then once the couple told us they were celebrating their anniversary he saw it as a sign!

It was perfect and I can’t wait to spend forever with David!!! Look back at the photos there is a duck present in every single photo and part of me wonders if it was a sign from my mom that she was there celebrating with us!

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