Katie and David

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How We Met

David and I met as summer employees at a Christian camp in Sequoia National Park called Hume Lake. We worked the summer together on a team down at the camp’s San Diego site and I fell for his rugged Scottish accent immediately while serving alongside him!

I left camp for a week for a family vacation in the middle of the summer (this is the part David says he realized he missed me while I was gone and that he had developed feelings for me also!) when I got back from the vacation, we started hanging out intentionally and he was nothing but honorable and charming!

We started dating on July 29, 2016 and we’ve been loving each other ever since!

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how they asked

David, planned the perfect way to fool this initiative gal! He contacted our friend who is a photographer at Hume Lake Christian Camps. Once he contacted her, she messaged both David and I asking if we’d be able to help her out by being models for the Hume Apparel line. He fooled me so good!

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This plan ensured that my hair and makeup was done and I knew we’d be taking photos! So we drove up, met our friend at the camp and she took us out to Lookout Point. We hiked around to get some good individual shots.. and while she was shooting the back of my sweatshirt as I faced out to the expanse of trees, I didn’t know David was sneaking up behind me ON ONE KNEE!!

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So when our friend said “ok turn around and face me”…. there was my love asking me to be his wife! After hopping and giggling, I collapsed to my knees with my arms around him and said yes!

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It was a special time for us to be in the same place that we met and in a secluded moment where it was just us. We are so blessed and thankful for the time we have together!

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Special Thanks

Noel Lines
 | Photographer