Katie and David

Image 4 of Katie and David

How We Met

David and I met back when we were 14 and 15 at church. The day we met the entire church youth group had just come back from their annual fall retreat. Luckily we were given the chance to have a fun game night where we played the game “spoons”. This allowed us to talk all night and get to know one another, resulting in me giving him my number and flirting with him all night. After that night we became very close friends until two years later when I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to be something more.

How They Asked

David and I went to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a vacation with our friends. On the second full day of being together on vacation we went to Blue Mountain Vineyard in Golden, Colorado where we had a wine tasting then we proceeded to go outside to explore the vineyard itself. After walking through three feet of snow for about five minutes due to the vineyard seeing the most snowfall in ten years.

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We ended up finding this beautiful spot overlooking a lake where our entire group of friends was taking pictures. When it was finally our turn to take “couple” photos David pulled me in and finally asked me to Marry Him.

Image 2 of Katie and David

I was absolutely speechless during the entire thing and was just on cloud nine. Even after David proposed he was so nervous that he tried putting the ring on the wrong hand. It was everything I could’ve dreamed of.

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