Katie and Dan

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How We Met

My fiancé, Dan, and I met while we were attending college at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Both of us were in the secondary English education program, in the hopes of becoming certified teachers for grades 6-12.

At the time I met Dan, I was not just attending school, but I was also a single mother to my son, Emmett. After going through some pretty difficult relationships, I had decided to give up on dating for while until the perfect one came along. I had even written up a list, with my mother’s help, of all of the important qualities I wanted in a future husband.

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Of course, as the story usually goes, that is when the perfect one came strolling into my life. On the second day of our Romanticism class, Dan sat next to me. He later told me it was because, “I was the cutest girl in the entire class, and he just had to get to know me.” He quickly wooed me with his witty jokes, silly doodles, and amazing smile.

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I had always been very protective when it came to introducing anyone to Emmett, so I was extremely nervous when the day came. Although Emmett was only two years old at the time, his opinion mattered A LOT to me as his mother. As soon as I saw the way Emmett and Dan were together my heart became so full. Emmett instantly warmed up to him and wouldn’t even go to bed without getting a picture of him with Dan. They have been extremely close ever since.

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From that point on, I knew Dan was the one. Not only did he check all of the important qualities on my “list,” but I also knew he would make an amazing step father to Emmett. The rest, as they say, is history.

how they asked

Dan and I were soon to be going on three years of dating, and I had been dropping hints about getting engaged for months. Every holiday, big event, or family get-together I thought, “This might be the day!” However after months and months had gone by, I had decided it probably wouldn’t happen for a couple of years. Little did I know he was planning something big!

I have always been a huge Green Bay Packer fan. My family goes to Packer Family Night at Lambeau Field every year, and we usually try to make it to at least one regular season game each year as well. In February 2016, Dan had his mother call me and explain that she had won 20 tickets to take a private tour of Lambeau Field. Of course I totally freaked out! While I had been to Lambeau before, being able to go on a private tour would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Then his mother explained they had enough for my entire family to come as well. I quickly got my family on the phone and asked if they could make it – miraculously they all had off of work. They acted completely surprised and equally excited.

Once the day, February 28th, came we arrived at the field and started our tour. The tour guides were very sweet. They took us to the main atrium, the suites, meeting rooms, and the locker room before leading us through the tunnel and out on the field. I was so star struck and overwhelmed by the experience, I never even noticed how strange Dan had been acting.

In the end zone, everyone immediately wanted to take a picture of Dan, Emmett, and I. While I thought this was a little strange, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to get a picture of all of us together. Once in front of the goal post, everyone started snapping pictures up until Dan said, “Emmett can you go get something from my mom?”

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Emmett ran over to Dan’s mother and she handed him a tiny box. Emmett ran it back to him, and Dan said, “Emmett I have something to ask you. I want to know if you would be okay with me asking mama to marry me?” Emmett said, “Yes,” and Dan got on one knee. Dan’s brother started the song, “Loving You Easy” by the Zac Brown Band. Although I was shaking the entire time, when he asked me if I would marry him, and quickly answered, “Of course!”

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Afterwards we went to dinner, at a restaurant in Green Bay already reserved for us, and I found out my entire family (and even the tour guides) were completely in on everything.

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I could not believe how everyone was able to keep the surprise from me for so long! It really was my dream proposal, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

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