Katie and Damon

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Imperial wine bire

How They Asked

It had been 10 years of friendship and 6 months of dating and it was Damon’s birthday on July 27th. I decided to throw him a party on July 25th and he chose the imperial wine bar, which we had been to before. Our very first date was at Disney’s Osborn Lights during Christmas. We walked in and some people exclaimed “surprise!” Upon arrival so, I was very pleased with the turn out for his party. Someone even brought a professional camera! ? ?

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Imperial wine bire

I had friends I didn’t even think could make it show up. About 30 minutes of fun and drinks I look outside and I see fake snow? I point and say, “ look! Fake snow!” I run to it outside.

I start spinning around and notice husband’s parents outside behind the snow machine. I point at his parents and I’m like, “ Damon! They surprised you for your birthday! I knew they’d come!” I turn around and he’s in his knee.

Damon knew I always wanted a Winterpark wonderland type wedding and us having our first date during the holiday season, he decided to give me Christmas in July. He knew that I’d figure it out any other time so, took the opportunity during his party to make it OUR party. His dad isn’t a photographer and took the pictures. Some friendship knew about and some were just as shocked as I was.

When you ask God to give you the right man and pray that he’s right in front of your nose…and then…it turns out he was, there’s no better feeling. I’m marrying my best friend and the man who’s truly loved me for me all of these years. I can’t wait! One month away!

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