Katie and Dakota

It was the best surprise proposal EVER!! We had made dinner plans with our families to at the Woodshed,a restaurant along the Trinity River outside of Fort Worth. Dakota told me that his family was stuck in traffic, and wanted to take a walk by the river to kill time, before we went into the restaurant. As we were walking along the river, we saw a photographer we know from our church, Ellen Ashton. Ellen had staged a fake photo shoot of another model for a pretend blog post. Ellen then asked if she could take a couples photo of us, of course I agreed. Then, Ellen said “oh the lighting is perfect here” and that was Dakota’s que. That is when he got on a knee, and proposed. Little did I know that Dakota had already invited our closest friends and family to the restaurant to watch the proposal. I was completely surprised, it was the perfect proposal. 252 days!!

Image 1 of Katie and Dakota

Special Thanks

Ellen Ashton
 | Ellen Ashton Photography