Katie and Cory

How We Met

I was 19 in my sophomore year of college and my girlfriends and I took a trip to Sarasota for my birthday and our fall break. Jules’s older brother Abbie was also home that weekend along with his friend Cory. As soon as we met the guys I knew Cory was something special. We ended up at a concert that night where Cory and I spent the night out on the dance floor spinning around and laughing. On the ride home I remember holding his hand thinking this was the cutest boy I had ever seen. We left Sarasota with each other’s numbers and then from there he came to visit me at school and took me out to dinner. I was awkward as anything and barely spoke on our date, I wouldn’t even give him a kiss. After that, we saw each other once a year at Gasparilla in Tampa and we have pictures of us from each time. He moved to Boston for school and we didn’t see each other much. It wasn’t until Fall 2015 when we were both living in Tampa again when Cory texted me asking if I was at the same bar he was at because he thought he saw me. Turns out I wasn’t but I was at the bar down the street. We planned to go out to dinner that Friday night. Now that I was over the awkward part stage of my life we had a great date and from there have been together since!

how they asked

October 7th is my birthday and October 6th is Cory’s moms, so we planned to go to Michigan for the weekend to celebrate both! On Saturday morning we woke up and got ready to go to a farm for Cory’s moms birthday. She had been telling us we were going there for a couple months now so I didn’t think anything of it. Cory and I left the house before his mom which I thought was weird since it was her birthday but again I didn’t think much of it. We pulled up to the farm and Cory parked in a handicap spot and was like ok this will do, I was so confused as to why he just left his car sitting here and didn’t even try to park but I was just going with the flow. It was kind of rainy so as we started to walk around the building Cory held my hand and as we got to a split in the sidewalk he took me down the side towards a gazebo.

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In the gazebo, I put my umbrella down and turned around to face him, at that point he was holding my hands and started telling me how much he loved me as his eyes started to water. I started to connect the dots and I started crying too. Then as he bent down to one knee I saw a dog collar in the ring box that said: “will you marry my dad”. I looked around and his sister Maddie came running down the hill holding a baby golden retriever with a ring tied to her neck. I couldn’t help myself and just started to cry. I said yes of course and then Cory led me inside where his family and friends were all waiting for us. Then my family came out of the back room who he had flown in from Florida, California and New York. It was absolutely the best surprise ever!

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