Katie and Connor

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How We Met

So Connor and I first met at Dearborn High school as a freshman in the marching band. We became really close friends but didn’t start dating until we were Juniors. There is a super amazing picture of us as 15-year-old babies sharing a “kiss” at the end of the musical White Christmas (Thanks to our choreographer for making us dance partners, she knew what she was doing!).

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Anyways we’ve been together for 6 years and last summer he planned this huge road trip where we were going to camp for two weeks starting at the Mammoth Cave national park in Kentucky and ending up in Acadia national park in Maine.

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how they asked

I’m not a super outdoorsy person so by the end of the two weeks I was getting a bit crabby. I also really don’t like heights but he insisted that we climb Beehive mountain and take the harder route where you’re literally looking over the treeline climbing up this mountain. Needless to say, I was mildly freaking out but he helped me out every step of the way. We finally made it to the top and had a super wonderful picnic lunch. Connor goes to set up the tripod because he wanted to get some cool pictures of the ocean from the top. We got a few pictures together and then he suggested we look at the water with him hugging me.

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All of a sudden I look down and there’s a ring box in front of me and he was turning me around and was down on one knee popping the question! He was sneaky and recorded the whole thing for our parents to see when we got home, so it was so fun to relive it with all of them. We’re getting married in August and I’m so excited to spend the rest of our lives together!

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