Katie and Connor

Katie and Connor's Engagement in Lynchburg, VA

How We Met

During my Senior year of college, I thought I was about to give up on relationships as I was approaching graduation. That was until I met Katie. We were both separately asked to play and sing at this music conference in Philadelphia on November 10th, 2017. Since we were from the same town, we commuted up to Philadelphia from Lynchburg together. We spent the whole six hours talking about ourselves and we instantly became best friends. Since she was a Freshman and I was a Senior, I didn’t know how this would all work out, except that I was falling more in love with her every day we spent together. It took us about 2 months to make it official as I really wanted to meet her family and talk with them about how I felt about Katie. We started dating January 6th, 2018. We both play a lot of music together and separately now and hope to pursue a career in music for the rest of our lives.

How They Asked

I told her that I would pick her up on Sunday morning and that we would go a surprise breakfast location in Downtown Lynchburg. There’s this special spot that overlooks the whole city of Lynchburg that I thought would be the perfect spot. Since it was Sunday morning, I knew that there would be no one downtown, so we would have our own special moment, just the two of us.

As we started walking down the steps to the landing, there was a trail of rose petals down towards the landing with picture frames of our memories and candles on the steps. As we approached the landing, I realized how shocked Katie was that this was all happening, she couldn’t stop crying all the way down the steps. She knew right then and there what was going on! There’s a stone step at the landing that was decorated with some of our memory books, art pieces, roses and favorite pictures. Hanging on the railing behind the stone bench was a banner that said “Marry Me.” I couldn’t even tell you what I actually said, we were both so overwhelmed with emotions. I got on one knee and asked her to marry me and she said yes! With many tears, she wore the special ring I had been thinking over for weeks now. Her best friends were taking pictures and right down the street was all of our family waiting for us to celebrate! She couldn’t have been more surprised. She told me it was like her soul left her body just watching all of these events happen. We spent the rest of the day celebrating with loved ones and family, just who she loves to be with.

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