Katie and Christian

How We Met

Christian and I met in 2009 in high school English class. Christian had just moved to Amherst and was new in school. In the fall of 2009, we were randomly put in a group for a project, we became friends and would always hang out in a group of our mutual friends. The next spring we found ourselves together in different classes. The summer of 2010 we would hang out every week and became best friends. From Christian picking me up the day, he got his license, to get ice cream to movie nights and Friday night football games, we were inseparable. From the beginning of our friendship, I knew we had a deeper connection, we would schedule our classes to be together and would stay up talking until early morning even on school nights. Christian became a part of my family from the start coming to holidays and family parties. December 28, 2010, was when we finally took our relationship to the next level, after talking for hours that night we ended up telling each other we were in love with each other.

Katie's Proposal in Cleveland Museum of Art

Eventually, we would graduate high school and go off to college, unsure of what the future held, I went off to Mount Union and Christian attended Kent State. We worked through long distance for what seemed like eternity. After college graduation, I moved back to Cleveland and we both began post-grad life. It’s been three years since we graduated and we are closer than ever.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cleveland Museum of Art

how they asked

Valentine’s Day 2018 was on a weekday so that weekend Christian had planned to take me to the Cleveland Museum of Art, one of our all-time favorite day date locations, and then a fancy dinner. Christian had not stopped talking about the park nearby the museum and how there was a fountain that his mom used to take him to as a child. I kept thinking “Why is he obsessed with this fountain?!” We got to the museum and he wanted to immediately go to the park and see the fountain, mind you it was February in Cleveland. Freezing. They were doing some sort of construction on the fountain that day so we broke through some caution tape (oops) and walked by the fountain. The next thing I know, Christian is on the ground with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. Of course, I said YES! He even planned to have a photographer there so we began taking pictures around the museum and outside. After calling our friends and family (all knew about this for two months!), we met our families for a lunch celebration. But in true Christian fashion, we went sneaker shopping before lunch to buy celebratory shoes. It was the perfect day.