Katie and Chase

How We Met

Chase and I met April 2014 through mutual friends at a going away party. We spent the night dancing and flirting but unfortunately went our separate ways. One month later for my birthday I made sure to send him an invite to come out and celebrate with me and he showed up! Now, we lived two hours away from each other so we took the rest of summer to date and figure out if things were going to get serious enough to endure the distance. That August we made it “official” and our long distance relationship began.

Image 1 of Katie and Chase

Image 2 of Katie and Chase

how they asked

Thursday 7/20/17 seemed like just another normal day for me. We both woke up and went to work. After work I went to my friend Courtney’s place to catch up on a tv series, so I texted Chase that I would be home around 8:15 and he said “ok see you then”. I came home to him casually sitting on the couch and went to go put my purse away. In my purses spot was a large note pad that read “if you’re reading this your hunt begins NOW” the first clue was written below. For the next half hour I was lead on the best scavenger hunt I’ve ever been on! At the end Chase was down on one knee with the most gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES!

Image 3 of Katie and Chase