Katie and Cam

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How We Met

Cam and I met at UMass Amherst but somehow not until our senior year. We lived in the same building our freshman year and had many mutual friends… we even knew each other’s best friends! Though Cam wasn’t there at the time, I had attended a party at his apartment just a year prior to our introduction.

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how they asked

Fast forward to a few years to July 5, 2017. We decided to spend a night being tourists in Boston after I had put together a summer bucket list to explore the city more. The day began with lunch followed by a stroll along Newbury Street. We then took a ride on the swan boats in the Public Garden and explored the Boston Public Library.

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We were planning to see the play Wicked that night when Cam suggested we grab drinks quickly beforehand. He surprised me with a stop at the Custom House (another spot on my list) where he led me to the deck. It was the exact same spot where we had kissed upon our reunion years ago, that Cam asked me to marry him. I do not think I let him finish asking before answering, “Of course!” To this day, I’m still not sure of everything that he said due to all of my excitement to marry him.

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
Brad Smith
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