Katie and Bryan

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How We Met

Bryan and I met in 2014 on a dating app when I was a junior in college and he was completing his EMT program. We were both busy with school so we only each other a few times. We bonded over our love for baseball and the show Marvel’s Agents of Shield. Little did I know, the show was part of the Marvel universe- most of our dates after consisted of watching one Marvel movie so I could get caught up to speed. I still joke with Bryan how he ended up dating a girl who loved the show but did not know it was related to Marvel, something he loves. Bryan referred to me as “Katie Baseball” when talking to his friends because he could not pronounce my last name and even four years later, is what everyone calls me.

Over the next eight months, I could not get the handsome guy with the beautiful blue eyes out of my head. Bryan was the most supportive and caring man I had ever met, which scared the heck out of me. I did not want to ruin any chance I had with him.

The night Bryan asked me to be his girlfriend, he told me that his dad asked him to stop by the office at the fire station to pick something up for him. I had never been to the station so Bryan offered to take me inside to for a tour. We walked around the bay and I tried on his dad’s turnout jacket, joking I looked cute in a jacket with his last name on the back. We kept walking and Bryan tried to convince me to climb to the top of the firetruck with him. I am not scared of heights but for some reason having to climb up there freaked me out. I could tell Bryan really wanted to me go up there with him so after a few attempts and many encouraging words from Bryan, I made it to the top where I found the best surprise. Bryan had a baseball that said “Will you be my girlfriend?” and beautiful roses waiting at the top. Little did I know, the station was in one the surprise and the lieutenant had set it up for him.

Fast forward four years, I completed my Master’s degree in Social Work and he graduated from paramedic school. The past two years were the most stressful of my life but with Bryan’s support I made it through school and our relationship is stronger than ever.

how they asked

Little did I know, Bryan had planned this proposal when he was 15 years old. He was playing in a baseball tournament by the station and saw two firetrucks parked in front of the fire station with the American flag draped between them and knew he wanted to use that in his proposal.

Fast forward 10 years, Bryan told me that his fire station (the one where he saw the trucks at 10 years ago) was having a “family picture day” so families could come take pictures outside with the trucks. Over the last few years, we have gone to a few events at the stations he works with both of our families so I really didn’t think it was out of the normal. On the day of the proposal, Bryan texted me saying our time slot for pictures was at 4 p.m- little did I know, he was at the station with his family and the other firefighters getting everything ready. My mom, sister and I drove to the station and when we got there, two firetrucks were in front of the station with an American Flag draped between. It was such a beautiful sight. Bryan had said the trucks would be out with the flag as a backdrop for pictures so I didn’t think anything of it.

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We took a few pictures with his family and mine before finally just having our picture taken in front of the flag. While his sister was taking our picture, I noticed her eyes were looking at us but I figured she was just waiting for the flag to stop blowing in the wind. She put her camera down so I thought we were done with pictures but Bryan said, “one more” and I was reluctant. Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed my hands, turned me around and I saw the firefighters had dropped a new sign above the flag. Bryan got down on his knee, telling me how much he loved me and asking if I would be his wife with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. Of course! I looked down at my hand reading the baseball he used to ask me “will you be my girlfriend”, which now said, “Will you be my wife?”

When we got to the car, Bryan handed me a letter, from a series of letters, I wrote to him for our two year anniversary. It was titled “Letter 8: You are ready to propose- read the day you propose.” He said he read it that afternoon before he proposed. I saw that letter and the tears would not stop.

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Both families and the firefighters knew about the proposal but managed to keep it a secret for a long time. I could not be more thankful everyone was there for the special moment! Shutout to his sister for capturing the most perfect picture of our special day!

Special Thanks

Erin Cooper
 | Made sign and took picture