Katie and Brett


how they asked

On Sunday December 11,2016 my fiancé and I had an appointment to get holiday pictures done. We’ve been together for 6 years and never had had our pictures done. So of course I wanted them to be perfect. We arrived at the location and Brett was acting ‘weird’ but I just thought he was annoyed with me. What guy wants to spend a day getting pictures done?! Well we took a few pictures inside and the photographer kept saying, “don’t worry we will take some standing up too.” Never quite dawned on me why she kept saying that.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Pictures

We get outside to her adorable Christmas set and there’s a little Christmas tree with a yellow bulb hanging on it. Stuck out like a sore thumb but I still didn’t quite put 2 and 2 together. She asked me to pick the bulb up and ‘act’ like I was reading it.

Katie and Brett's Engagement in Pictures

Well I picked the bulb up and it read “will you marry me” and when I turned around Brett was on 1 knee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pictures

Where to Propose in Pictures

It was more than I ever expected or thought I wanted for this special day.

Our photographer got it all on pictures and then Our close friends surprised us with a dinner later in the evening celebrating us. It was the most perfect proposal ever and I will never forget it :)

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