Katie and Brett

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How We Met

I met Brett spring of 2007. I was young and wanted to move to the big city of Portland, OR. My cousin at the time needed a roommate which worked out in my favor! Brett was one of my cousin’s good friends. Brett would come over to bbq, watch football, and or partake in the house parties we threw. Oh to be 21 again! Brett and I soon bonded over the love of live music, new restaurants to try, and road trips! We were friends for almost six years before becoming romantically involved.

how they asked

The snow had just started to fall in Portland. Not something that typically happens here in February. Brett and I had plans for dinner at a restaurant we had been wanting to try. Because of the weather, I took the light rail to a station close to Brett’s work. Brett picked me up and we headed downtown. On the way down Brett mentioned a friend had bought a brick for his girlfriend’s birthday. Pioneer Square did a renovation last summer and bricks could be purchased to add to the already thousands that have family names, memories, and or beautiful meanings to people. Since we had some time to spare before the reservation, we walked around Pioneer Square looking at all the new bricks. I was looking for the word “birthday” for our friend. After a few minutes had passed, Brett pointed to a brick. I glanced it over quickly.

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It caught my eye! I kneeled down and to my surprise, it read “KATIEWILLUMARRYME?” My first reaction was to say “shut the front door” but my adrenaline had kicked in. I turned around quickly to find Brett on one knee. He had memorized a beautiful proposal. All I wanted to do was tackle him saying “YES!” After I said Yes, Brett rose up to kiss me on my forehead. A gesture we have been doing for many years. Cue the ugly cry mixed with excitement!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Jared Feldman (Brett’s brother)
 | Photographer
Dylan Wentworth (Brett’s Best Friend)
 | Videographer