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How We Met

I moved to Panama City Beach, Florida in the summer of 2015 for my job. I knew ONE person here and had no intention of staying for more than a year. One year down, another promotion, and I planned to be LONG gone from this place. A little over a year went by and I was well under way in preparation to promote. Then, I met a boy…Brenton and I go to the same gym (let me stop right there and note that we did NOT meet at the squat rack), but it wasn’t until one early morning at a Humane Society 5k race that we officially met. I was volunteering at the check-in tent, and up walks this stud unintentionally showing off his biceps (don’t mind my gawking here) and his ca-yuuuute Weiner/Beagle mix puppy. Immediately, I think to myself, “Awesome…here I am at 7AM in a hat, sweatshirt, and not an ounce of blush on…). We both recognized each other, introduced ourselves, and then he took off towards the starting line.

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It wasn’t until months later that we connected and things took off. After some flirty exchanges through messenger and text, Brenton asked me on our first date. We went to lunch on a Thursday afternoon to the BEST local spot (s/o Patches Pub your blackened fish tacos are the real reason this relationship began). After a few casual dates, Brenton didn’t ask me, but just told me that I was his girlfriend – love the confidence, baby!

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I reached a point early in our relationship when I just knew that I was meant to be in Panama City. I saw a promising love unfolding right before me. I realized that God brought me to Panama City and placed Brenton in my life at such a pivotal time. Fast forward a year and a half later, and our relationship has been nothing short of fun and blessed. We’ve traveled more times than I can count, from Lake Martin and St. George Island, to Mexico and Italy. We’ve shared holidays and birthdays, sunset bike rides and runs, happy hours and tired mornings. The best part about it has been knowing that we’ve been sharing these experiences and memories with the one we want to spend eternity with. Even at the start of our relationship, Brenton’s family and closest friends continually reiterated to me how our relationship was “different;” that they’ve never seen him so smitten..that it’s obvious how easy we go together. Brenton and I fell more and more in love with each other much faster than we anticipated, and quickly realized that this.was.it.

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how they asked

Brenton and I bought a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in July of this past year. We knew right then that we’d want to make Christmas memories here for the rest of our lives, so we started the tradition this holiday season! Both of our families and some of our closest friends joined us for a week in the mountains. On December 30th, we all went downtown for lunch and a moonshine tasting (lunch was enjoyed by all, the moonshine…not so much). After our bellies were nice and full, Brenton instructed the girls to go shop and drink wine somewhere because the guys had a surprise to put together for us back at the cabin. Suspicious, right?! Well, we finally got the go-ahead to come back and as we’re nearing the driveway, I looked way up to our cabin and see white christmas lights COVERING the trees. My two girl friends led me towards the lights. I turned the corner and looked to my left. All I saw was Brenton standing under the breathtaking canopy of lights, staring right back at me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on him. I immediately knew what was happening. In complete shock, I closed my eyes and covered my mouth uttering, “OhmyGod. OhmyGod.” Before me stood the love of my life, asking me to be his, forever.

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Brenton spent hours stringing over 400 lights in the trees to create the most romantic, wintery proposal EVER! It truly felt like a romantic fairytale…our romantic fairytale. I later found out that no one knew the girls were on our way back (thank you, poor mountain cell reception), so once Brenton heard my voice walking up, he hopped over 10 feet from the balcony to get to the proposal spot in time. (Thank goodness the man is agile!)

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In this moment, my lifelong prayers were answered. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I didn’t even notice our family and friends above us capturing it all. After Brenton proposed, he led me inside to the cabin that our family and friends decorated with champagne flutes, “she said yes” desserts, and the sweetest photo collection of us. Our proposal was truly a dream, and we are so grateful to have our loved ones right there to help us celebrate. #WereGettingHitchcocked!!!!

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