Katie and Brennen

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How We Met

2 years ago I enrolled in an accounting class during college. I wasn’t looking forward to taking the class, but everything changed on the first day. I can still remember everything vividly, as if it were yesterday. About 10 minutes into the class – in walked this tall, athletic and extremely handsome boy. The only thoughts in my mind were the exact lyrics from the popular Kelsea Ballerini song titled ‘Dibs’ when she says, “Hey baby what’s your status, and are ya tryna keep it?” I wanted his status to be with me, and that’s all I knew. A few weeks went by and I would see him in class, hoping that he would talk to me. I nervously awaited the moment when he would approach me. That moment did come soon after in the hallways. He was leaving the gym as I was headed to class. My much anticipated moment of our first encounter was filled with disappointment as he simply said “heyy how are ya?”

We exchanged hello’s and he went on his way. Sad, I know. I kinda wish he would have just turned around, and asked me out. A girl can dream right? Well long story short, I didn’t see him again because he had to drop that accounting class. I was not only bummed that he didn’t ask me out, or even for my number, but who was I supposed to stare at during class? (haha let’s be real, accounting class isn’t the most exciting class in the world for most of us) I went on my way, and he went on his. I started dating around, but never forgot about him. Nearly a year and a half later, I received a message on Instagram from THIS boy (I know I know, he slid in my DM’s like he played in the MLB) and he asked me out! Crazy right!? I was ecstatic of course, and wondered what the future held for our first date! He asked for my number and proceeded to call me. The timing of his call was unnnnbelievably terrible. He called me as I was on my way to McDonalds!!! Here I am, awe-struck that my dream man from accounting class a year and a half ago was calling me to ask me out, and when he asked me what I was up to, I had to say that I was going TO McDonalds!! I was so embarrassed but just laughed it off because a girl can eat fries and a McFlurry whenever she wants right? We proceeded to talk on the phone was ALMOST 2 HOURS! How is that even possible to talk to someone that long that you don’t even know? It was so easy to talk to him, and he was so funny and charming. It felt like I was thrown into a fairy tale, and I loved every minute of that phone call. I eagerly anticipated our first date and wondered if this could be for real, could we really be as good as of a match as I hoped for? Our first date was to an NBA game and we hit it off!!

Long story short, we have seen each other every day since that first date and are getting married in July!! It has been a whirlwind of excitement, and I feel as if our story was pulled directly out of a movie. It definitely is a fairy tale for me, and now I KNOW his status, and I’m going to keep it. :) His Version of our Story: “I remember the first time I saw Katie. I was in accounting class and the teacher was more boring than watching grass grow. I turned around during class and BAM, there she was, sitting in the black of the class. My heart skipped a beat or two and I quickly looked back at the teacher before she could see my jaw that was still probably at the floor. I looked back at Katie about 10 times during that class period, each time I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. She was truly the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I wanted to ask her out SO bad and tried to right after that class, but couldn’t muster up the courage – I let the moment slip away. I tried to muster up the courage to ask Katie out after each class period for the next 3 weeks, each time I was just too nervous to even talk to her. This wasn’t usually my problem, but she was way out of my league and my tied tongue was evidence of that. Long story short, I had to drop that class and never had her number. About a year and half after our small encounters during class, I decided to find her on social media and attempt to message her. I had dated around during that time but for some reason Miss Katie had never left my mind so I figured it would be worth it to try and contact her. I reached out to ask her out and she said yes! I couldn’t believe it, Christmas came early haha. We went out on our first date and I quickly asked her out on a second – for the next day. After about 4 or 5 days in a row of spending time with her, I knew she was the one. A couple months went by and I proposed and we are set to be married in July. Moral of the story: when you see the most beautiful girl in the world, who makes you so nervous you can’t even talk to her, you should probably ask her out – because she is probably going to be your wife. We could have been married for the last year if I would have had the courage to ask her out the first few weeks I saw her, but now I have her and couldn’t be happier!!

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how they asked

I thought we were just going up into the mountains to have a fire with some of our friends, I wasn’t expecting anything. As Brennen and I walked up the trial I saw the roses and candles off in the distance. I was like ah man, we’re crashing someone else’s proposal!! Then we got a little closer, I looked at him, and realized it was MY proposal. I was so happy and so excited and he COMPLETELY surprised me! There was a candle lit pathway with rose petals, a huge bouquet of flowers – all overlooking the majestic view of the lake and the sunset. It was perfect.

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