Katie and Brennen

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How We Met

Brennen and I have known each other for pretty much our whole lives. My parents and his aunt and uncle are very good friends, and his cousins and my sisters and I were all best friends growing up. Even before we were dating I went to most of his family events. We did not talk much until we were in high school and even then things were pretty awkward. We ended up going to homecoming together my sophomore and his senior year but nothing came out of that. Two years later before the start of my senior year of high school Brennen had back surgery. After some convincing from my oldest sister I decided to text him to see how things were going. After getting past him not knowing who was texting him at first we started talking all the time. Then at my senior homecoming he asking me to be his girlfriend.

How They Asked

After spending three years together he surprised me with tickets to see my favorite singer for my birthday! We live in Nebraska and the show was in Nashville. Our second night there were walking around by the river when Brennen said let’s sit down for a bit. I was okay with that because I was wearing the least comfortable shoes possible. After sitting down for 10 minutes and trying to make conversation through small talk I could tell something was up. Brennen is not quiet person. I finally said why are we still sitting here. After another few minutes he said okay we can leave. I got up to walk away when he said wait one more thing. I turned around and he was on one knee. He said will you marry me. I was completely shocked. I replied are you serious. He shook his head yes and I said are you serious again. He started laughing and said yes again. Then said are you going to answer.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Nashville

I said yes!