Katie and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met at our local golf course where he worked. One night while I was out to dinner with my parents, he was finishing up work and I remember him walking in and thinking just how attractive he was. He walked straight toward my table and, much to my disbelief, sat down across from me. He said Hi, and then turned and started talking to my Mom… I was completely confused, but soon realized they knew each other from her work in town. She asked how his first year of college was going, and thats when I knew I had no chance with him as I was still in high school. As soon as we left, I started grilling my Mom about him. The very next weekend we ran into each other again and spent the afternoon flirting from afar as he was golfing with my Dad in a tournament. After that we started up a friendly conversation that turned into talking almost daily. We made it “official” a few months later.

how they asked

Brandon and I had been together for 5 years when we got to see one of our favorite country artists in concert, Joe Diffie. We love to dance together, so when Joe started singing John Deere Green we made our own dance floor in the crowd and did our best 2-step from beginning to end. From then on John Deere Green became our song. Flash forward 2 years and Brandon and I are building a house together when we get the opportunity to go up in a plane with a local pilot to take aerial photos of the house. Or so I thought. As we get directly above our half-built home Brandon asks “ Do you see what I wrote on the roof”? “Yea”, I tell him as I’m snapping away, not paying attention but determined to get great shots as we fly past. It then clicks with me what he had said, and I look up from the camera to see “Will you marry me?” painted on the roof of our home in John Deere Green (just like in the song). I then look up to see Brandon holding a ring as he says, “I can’t get down on one knee, but will you marry me”? I stupidly utter, “Are you serious!?” before bursting into tears and eventually getting out “Yes, of course”! We flew by the house again, this time seeing our family standing out back of the house and waving up to us. We will say “I Do” and dance to John Deere Green in front of all of our loved ones in July.

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