Katie and Blake

How we met: I was at the gym with a friend of mine when both of us noticed this very attractive guy.. I instantly wanted to talk to him. I started walking towards him and a male friend of mine stopped me and said to let him approach the attractive guy and get info. He spoke to him and found out if he had a degree, if he had a job and was really watching out for me! Then he told him I was interested in him, it felt like highschool all over again! Haha!

Image 1 of Katie and Blake

Embarrassed as I was, I waited for the guy to come speak to me afterwards; but he never did! Finally, days later I was at the gym again. I saw the attractive guy lapping the entire gym…pacing. Finally, he climbed up on the treadmill next to me and asked for my number. He was so nervous he lapped the gym four times before he could work up the courage to talk to me! Turns out, he had noticed me several times before but was too afraid to say hi! I gave him my number and we went on our first date two days later to a winery and it was perfect from there.

how they asked: Blake left the house early Sunday morning, telling me he was going golfing. I slept in, woke up and got ready for brunch and a day of shopping with his mom. She picks me up at my house and drives me around town, saying this winery (where Blake and I had our first date) was serving brunch. I got out of the car and walked into the winery, it was only Blake and a photographer. He walked up to me, got down on his knee and I was speechless.

Image 2 of Katie and Blake

A few minutes after, friends and family showed up. He had custom wine bottles made up labelled, “Blake & Katie are engaged!”

Image 3 of Katie and Blake

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