Katie and Blake

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How We Met

Blake and I met in school in Jacksonville, Florida while getting our Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Blake had been living in Florida for a while, but I was a California girl and getting out of my comfort zone. Initially, we were just acquaintances in our very small cohort. Blake would study late in the evenings in our empty classroom and would put the Lakers and SF Giants games on the projector. Even though I was comfortable studying at home, I would come back to school at night to study near Blake.

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He somehow didn’t catch on that I was interested, and just thought I wanted to watch the games on a big screen (also true). We simultaneously began frequenting a local restaurant bar and would discuss every little detail of our lives. It finally became apparent that we really liked eachother, and soon enough, I not only convinced him to travel to Italy with me, but I dragged him back to California to finish out our last clinical rotations and officially moved after graduation!

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How They Asked

Blake and I don’t have many nice photos together, so we were planning on having some professional photos taken during a vacation in Italy in May. Unfortunately, our trip was canceled due to COVID-19. Later in the year, we decided to rent a campervan and take a road trip to various National Parks. Blake offered to schedule a photo shoot for us in Zion National Park. After some beautiful hiking photos in a slot canyon, we changed into nicer clothes and hike to the Canyon Overlook. Our photographer had arranged us with my back to Blake, and when I turned around, he was on one knee! It was perfect!

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