Katie and Blaine

Katie's Proposal in Malibu, CA

How We Met

Blaine and I met at Pepperdine University in December 2018. We shared an office as assistant golf coaches for Pepperdine. The office was about the size of a closet so we had to get to know each other quickly. We had mutual college friends so I reached out to do some research on my new office mate. Everyone came back saying Blaine was a super nice guy BUT had a girlfriend at the time. We started a quick friendship after I invited him to the Young Adult ministry at my church. Not much progress for a couple months until our conference tournament in San Diego. His team had just won the West Coast Conference Championship and my team was in a playoff for the win. My team ended up losing in the playoff and when Blaine saw how disappointed I was he offered a hug. Once his arms went around my body, something sparked. It was the greatest hug I have ever experienced. Not sure if it was a supernatural hint going on but I will never forget that hug. Ever since that day I was determined to figure out how to get Blaine to be mine.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Malibu, CA

How They Asked

Another normal Thursday workday, so I thought. Blaine asked if I wanted to do the cross hike (which was actually our first date). I said of course but was kinda confused about how he had the day off. It was a time of the year where the season was beginning and there were lots of duties. He had just finished with an international recruit and he was hosting his first event the coming weekend so I knew he had tons on his mind. I figured maybe he needs to destress with me on a hike. My parents had been visiting in LA the days before and flew out on Tuesday. I knew his parents were coming in Friday morning, the next day.

So I am leaving the golf course where my team was practicing in the South Bay of Los Angeles when the 405 freeway was closed in all directions. I sat there for 2 hours before finally making it home. I almost had to tell him I wasn’t going to make it because of the closures. Anyways, I headed for Malibu ready to hike and destress myself, I was so angry I wasted so much time in traffic.

Earlier that day, Blaine asked if I wanted to go with him that night to his boss’s birthday dinner and to bring a change of clothes if so. I said of course and felt pretty honored to be invited, I know his boss’s family takes birthday celebrations seriously. So I bring a nice outfit for dinner.

We begin hiking and its the clearest day I have ever seen in Malibu. We could see for miles across the city! When we finally get to the top we take in the views and Blaine asked to pray for us as we begin the year and golf season. I was emotional during the prayer and thought that was the sweetest thing to do up by the cross. Immediately after he prays, he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! I was speechless when he asked because I had no idea it was on his mind at the time! I saw the ring and it was the most beautiful ring I could’ve imagined. All of a sudden, a photographer pops out of the bushes!! I felt like I was dreaming! We took pictures for a while at the top before started our hike to the bottom. He said he was so nervous and blacked out when he knelt. I blacked out too and asked him if I even said yes.

On the way down, he says we aren’t going to my boss’s birthday dinner, but going to an oceanfront restaurant at sunset called Mastro’s. We went to Mastro’s last year for my birthday/valentine’s day and thought it was the best meal ever so I was extremely excited about that! We change really quick to get to our 5 pm reservation. We arrive at the restaurant barely on time, and his parents are there at the wait stand. They flew in a day early to make the surprise! I was so confused to see them there but so happy! Then as the waitress took us to our table by the windows, my parents are sitting there waiting for us. It was unbelievable! They fake-left a few days before to stay and be apart of the surprise too. I was so amazed that Blaine had set all this up during an extremely busy week. It meant so much to have both sets of parents there, and did I mention it was the first time they had met too!

Blaine went above and beyond anything I could’ve ever dreamed of for a proposal. It was the happiest day of my life and I will never forget it!

Special Thanks

Conrad Parker
 | Photographer