Katie and Ben

Image 1 of Katie and Ben

How We Met

Ben and I met in the summer of 2010 in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We were both working as summer camp counselors. Ben was at Red Arrow Camp for Boys and I was at Red Pine Camp for Girls.

Ben and I first met at the bar at the Minocqua bowling ally, were the local crooner, Marvin, was playing that night. Long story short, Ben mentioned that he went to the College of Charleston and I told him that he was lying because there was no way that there was a cute guy that had gone to the same college as me and was in the same small little bar in the Northwoods of Wisconsin!… Well, it turned out he was telling the truth.

how they asked

May 18th, 2015, Ben and I decieded to go to the Phoenix Zoo. We had a great day. It was nearing the end of the excursion and I was getting warm & wanted to leave. However, Ben would not leave without seeing the Elephants. There was one asian elephant, Ben was not impressed. Ben suggested that we go back and look at the giraffes one more time before leaving.

The giraffes had moved deeper into their safari habitat so I suggested that we look at them from the tree house. Once up there, I noticed that there was a vulture laying on the ground. I said “…Haha LOOK that one has given up!” and Ben said “…Well Katie, I hope you never give up on me…” I turned around to tell him that I would never give up on him and he was down on one knee, “…Katie, will you Marry me?…” I cried, I said Yes, and gave him the wrong hand.

It was perfect.

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