Katie and Austin

Where to Propose in The summit at Hidden Peak at Snowbird, Utah

How We Met

We met in 2011 at the University of Texas at Arlington. We lived in the same dorm, our windows being directly across from each other. And we also knew each other through Greek life. We were just friends and only ran into each other at parties or events. I always thought he was cute and Austin says the same thing about me. I always thought there was something different or unique about him, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The summit at Hidden Peak at Snowbird, Utah

Now I realize it’s that he was going to one day be my best friend and the man I get to marry. Anyways, I moved away for nursing school and Austin moved away for work. In 2016, we both ended up back in Dallas for work and we reconnected over social media. Dating Austin felt so easy and perfect from the start, and we knew pretty much at the beginning that we wanted to spend our lives together!

Katie's Proposal in The summit at Hidden Peak at Snowbird, Utah

How They Asked

So last Spring, we went on a trip to Utah. We visited Park City and we fell in love with Deer Valley. We dreamed of going skiing there one day because we both love to ski. We typically go on a ski trip every January, so for this January, we picked Utah. We took my mom and dad and had a week full of ski plans and events. I had every day pretty much planned out, and now we laugh at how basically none of those plans worked out!

Our first full day we went skiing at Solitude, there was a huge blizzard, ended up getting our car stuck in the snow and had to get it towed! Day 2, we were supposed to go to Deer Valley, but the snow storm wouldn’t let up and we wanted to ski there when the skies were clear. Day 3 we finally went skiing at Deer Valley. It was so gorgeous, a typical bluebird day. About an hour or two into our day, I see a guy crash on the mountain, skis, and poles fly everywhere. That guy was Austin!

Katie and Austin's Engagement in The summit at Hidden Peak at Snowbird, Utah

He ended up breaking his hand, ski patrol took him down the mountain on a sled, and we spent the entire day in the ER. My heart hurt so bad for him. He was so upset in the ER, of course, I thought it was about his hand. Little did I know he had planned to propose on top of the mountain and that’s what he was upset about! He had the ring in his pocket the whole day, they even had to sedate him to reset his hand and he still didn’t leak the secret!

The entire medical staff was in on the secret, and they thought about putting the ring in one of the x-rays. Austin said no to the idea because I’m a nurse and he didn’t want his proposal associated with my career, haha. The next day we were supposed to go skiing, but obviously, that plan was changed. So we decided to take a gondola to the top of Hidden Peak at Snowbird. The views were absolutely breathtaking! We walked around took some photos, and then my family saw a storm rolling in (I was clueless) and they said we were going to take a few more pictures and then go.

And that’s when Austin told me that he wanted to spend forever with me and got down on one knee and proposed! Of course, I said yes! We popped some champagne and toasted on the mountain. It was beautiful and chaotic and perfect. I’m also so happy that my parents were there to witness it!

Looking back on that week I laugh at how clueless I was. Austin had wanted to propose for 3 days, so he carried the ring with him the entire time and my mom carried champagne up and down mountains the entire time. My fiancé was persistent, he had a goal set in his mind, and he went through all these obstacles for me. Despite all that happened, this was the best trip and my heart is filled with joy!