Katie and Art

how they asked

On Saturday, June 27, 2015, my life changed forever.
It started out like any other Saturday in Georgia, beautiful, even though there was a chance of rain. I got up, walked Blackjack and got ready to get my day started since Art and I had plans later in the day.

Art was pretty insistent on going to Stone Mountain to enjoy the scenery and show me around; however, the chance of rain had me a little skeptical. But, as he always says, “it never rains at the Mountain.” He had told me that we weren’t hiking so l dressed in some cute, but comfy clothes and we went on our way. One of our good friends, Andrew, who is now one of the Best Men, joined us for the afternoon of fun, knowing that he was there for moral support.
When we get to Stone Mountain, we began to wander around, just enjoying our time together in such a beautiful part of Georgia scenery. We walked along this creek and before I know it, I have this wonderful man knelt down in front of me asking me to be his wife forever.

After the proposal, one of my good friends, Morgan, comes out of the trees, holding roses that Art had gotten for me. She had also been photographing our very special moment. Luckily, we were able to get a few after photos in next to the water wheel with a little drizzle before it started pouring rain. We definitely weren’t going to let it bring us down.

So even though our “chance of rain” turned out to be a full on rain storm, we got the perfect start to our own perfect little fairy tale. And I cannot wait to be Mrs. Bollinger.

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