Katie and Andy

Katie's Proposal in Robbins Preserve, Davie FL

How We Met

It all started back in February of 2016. I was living in Fort Lauderdale but had a few friends living in Wellington and they had mentioned going out downtown Clematis one night. I had no plans and decided to drive up and go out with them. We started out in a corner booth at O’Shea’s Irish Pub with some drinks. After some time, I had seen a group of 3 guys walk in standing at the bar, Andy being the cutie in a sweater and backward Braves hat (little did I know, it was to hide his balding head and that they lived in Stuart, FL). For some reason, they were standing at the front of our table and one of the guys was using a dollar to fold origami.

I was so interested in what they were doing I found myself staring at them and out of my comfort zone asked what they were making. Andy explained that his friend was folding his dollar bill into a rose to use as a marker for a spot in line at the billiards table. Andy’s friend took the time to attempt to show me how to make a rose out of a napkin and even bought us some shots. My girlfriends decided they wanted to move on to a different bar and Andy made sure to get my number before we left. We made sure that we found each other at the next bar and Andy asked me to dance on the crowded dance floor. Again, out of my comfort zone, I agreed. At the end of the night, his friends and mine ended at a pizza parlor talking and hanging out like we’d known each other for some time. I would have never guessed that driving back and forth from Stuart to Fort Lauderdale every weekend and a year of long distance would lead to a serious relationship, let alone a proposal!

how they asked

My friend Gina had asked me and Andy months ago if we would be willing to pose for a “wedding” photoshoot with our 9 month old Golden Retriever Penny for her upcoming business website. Andy suggested asking his mom to be the photographer under the guise to expand her business and I agreed, not thinking anything of it. Of course, we agreed to the shoot, not knowing the entire details even back then. In the weeks leading up to it, I had tried on the dress a few times and she even asked us to go figure out our ring sizes so that she could get fake rings from Claire’s. Saturday, December 16th , finally came and we arrived at the photoshoot, the setup looking dreamy and straight off of a Pinterest board. Andy’s mom took the photos, taking some in the bushes, the trees, and under the hanging macramé.

Where to Propose in Robbins Preserve, Davie FL

Towards what I thought was the end of the shoot, Gina suggested taking some ceremony pictures and went to go get the “fake rings”. As she was walking back towards Andy and I with a box, Andy said that she could put hers away, and he’d rather use his own. At that moment, I was in disbelief and just kept saying “You’re kidding! You’re joking!”

After obviously saying yes full of emotion, the fake photoshoot turned into our engagement shoot with Andy’s mom being able to witness the entire proposal firsthand, tears included.

Thankfully I had brought a dress to change into for the surprise dinner afterwards and Andy’s mom was able to take our engagement pictures immediately after with a beautiful setting and sunset behind us. The pictures are unbelievably dreamy and I could not have pictured a better proposal!

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