Katie and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I both went to schools that were an hour away from each other and we lived in separate areas. We met when we were very young in a music program that both our schools participated in as I sing and Andrew plays Drums, Guitar and sings. We became friends and were able to keep in touch every now and again as friends via social media whilst we finished school and couldn’t drive to see each other. One day we were both at a festival and I just happened to sit down next to a large group of people. This festival had people from all around the world, and apparently, I had sat right next to Andrew. We caught each other’s eye and immediately reconnected and our relationship began to grow from there! We have now been dating for 8 amazing years and we perform together regularly as we both share a love of music!

how they asked

Andrew and I planned a 6 Week Overseas trip to Canada and the USA as we’re from Australia and we saved for months. I started the trip off by myself in Los Angeles and then Andrew and I met up in Canada to experience a White Christmas together! Just before Christmas on December 21st (First official day of Winter), Andrew told me he had organized a surprise but wouldn’t tell me any of the details! Later on that day I met a lady named Lauren from the ‘SPCA’ at our hotel who said “I have someone who would like to meet you” and opened her car door and there was a beautiful dog inside! She said, “Andrew told me how much you love dogs, so we thought you might like to take mine for a walk around the National Park”. I was so excited! When we arrived and started our walk, it began to snow! I had never seen fluffy snow falling from the sky so I was in awe! I began to walk a little ahead with the dog and Andrew and the lady was just behind. I got to the edge of where the land met the frozen lake and Andrew walked over and handed me a box and told me to open it.

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Inside the box was a snowflake ornament with the date 21.12.17 inscribed. I turned around and Andrew was down on one knee with the dog beside him with a ring box open! We both began to get emotional and it was then that he asked me to marry him and of course my answer was a very excited and shivering YES! I then found out that he had also organized a photographer to capture the moment so that we could share it with our family and friends back home and keep the photos as memories of this magical day!

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We were then able to take some beautiful photos together near the frozen lake. We weren’t used to the degree of cold that Canada had to offer so the photo shoot was very lovey as we were cuddling up to each other for extra warmth and of course because we were so ecstatic! We are both so happy and I could not believe all of the organization that went into his proposal! Who knew that he could make snow fall just in time for the perfect proposal!? Haha.

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Special Thanks

Beth from Env Photography
 | Photographer
 | Allowed us to borrow her dog! She also picked us up from our hotel and bought a bottle of champagne and glasses for after the proposal!