Katie and Andrew

Image 1 of Katie and Andrew

How We Met

Growing up in the same neighborhood, Katie and Andrew have known each other since their days at Lindero Middle School. Although they never dated in their younger years something drew them together later in life. After Katie moved home from Oregon, Andrew (living in Miami at the time) decided to take a chance and reach out to her. Andrew flew all the way back across the country just to have their first date together—dinner and a Clippers game! From that point on they were inseparable. Katie would fly to Miami to visit Andrew and he would fly to LA to visit her. Eventually Andrew decided to move back from Miami and move in with Katie and they eventually bought a place in Santa Monica where they lived with their dog Axel! They spent their time trying to new restaurants and traveling across the globe from Mexico to Tokyo and went on countless adventures together! Later on they moved to Arcadia, Ca and added a new member to their family–Bella–their loyal German Shepherd! Everything was almost perfect–ALMOST! The missing piece was getting engaged. Andrew knew he had found the woman of his dreams and knew he could not live with out her! On July 4th, 2020 he got down on a knee and asked her to be his wife. — Andrew’s story :)

How They Asked

Andrew and I try to go on daily walks. This is our time to catch up, listen and talk with one another and get our pups out for a nice walk. Andrew and I love to look at home and talk about our future dreams together. There was this one home, that I was obsessed with and always would get giggly walking by because it is such a homey, warm and beautiful home. On July 4th, we had planned on BBQing at my parents home so we went for a quick walk before heading out. I had NO CLUE this was going to be THE DAY! As we were walking, I noticed Andrew was walking funny, I said, whats wrong with your walk, you are limping! Walk in front of me. Andrew was sweating in his head because he knew he was walking funny because he had the ring saved in his shorts. He said I am walking normal, what are you talking about. I ignored it and kept walking. :) During the walk it was like any other, except I though Andrew was stresses so a walk just the thing he needed. As we were able to turn the corner, I knew the house was coming up and I was so excited to see how it looked (secretly hoping one say a for sale sign would be up!) haha! There was no one on the street, it was quiet and blissful… Andrew started to say, you know I love you. I said aww I love you too. He said, no like I love you so much I want to marry you. As I turned to him, he was on a knee!!!! I was IN SHOCK! Total SHOCK! I balled my eyes out and we embraced!! He asked, will you marry me?! I was in so much joy I just cried and smiled and cried and smile cried. It was the best day of my life and of course I said YES, 10 times over again. To close out, we got home from the walk and our families were there outside to congratulate us. Covid has been trying for all, but this was such an amazing moment I will remember for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to share it with out future family :)