Katie and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I have actually known each other since we were kids. My mom’s best friend from high school and her Maid of Honor, Christine, is Andrew’s Great Aunt. We have been at countless family functions together. At his cousin Mikey’s wedding on November 12, 2016, we saw each other in a new way. We spent the entire wedding together and the next morning he had to leave early to help a friend move. I was so bummed that I did not even get his number!

A few days later, I was at a concert with my dad, telling him how I think I met my future husband and my phone went off! It was a text from Andrew wanting to go out on a date that weekend!

One of these photos, Andrew is walking his great grandmother, Nana (flower on her dress), down the aisle. I am in the corner of the photo. His Nana was a Nana to me. Everyone was so happy when we got together and started dating. Nana was by far the most excited! She always made sure we were taking care of one another.

How They Asked

One of my best friends from college, Haley, and I decided to run the Disney Marathon. Haley and her family are elite and seasoned runners, I am not. I trained for over a year to run this race. My family and Andrew’s family came down to support Haley and I during the 26.2-mile race. We all had matching shirts so it was easy to find one another. It was unseasonably hot and the race started in the middle of the night. After completing the 26.2 miles Haley and I took few photos together and headed back to the room to regroup.

Unfortunately, Haley had to go back home for work and we said our goodbyes. Andrew had told me before we left for the trip that I needed to bring a dress so we could go celebrate after the race. He also told me that he wanted to get some professional photos done of me with my race medal at my one of my favorite spots in Disney World. I put on a dress and we headed in a town car to the Grand Floridian. The photographer told me to take off my medal and we would get a few shots of just Andrew and I.

We took some lovely photos and the photographer kept saying, “Now is a good time” and I was so confused. Andrew then kneeled down and popped the question!!! A boat was going by and they all cheered! I was so happy! Andrew surprised me with Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Mouse Ears with our names on them and champagne flutes with Mickey and Minnie dressed for a wedding on them with our name and date on the back.

We took some lovely photos and we could not wait to meet back up with our families! Andrew had made them more matching shirts for our proposal! We celebrated with Andrew’s family, my family, and one of my other best friends from college, Emily at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville!

The next day, when we were returning home, Andrew gave me a shirt that had a Minnie Mouse hand with a ring on it that said, “I said yes!” and his shirt read, “I asked” with a Mickey’shand on it holding a diamond.