Katie and Alex

Image 1 of Katie and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I met in nursing school, he remembers me from orientation but we didn’t officially connect until the end of sophomore year. He originally reached out to me on Facebook to wish me a happy birthday; we messaged back and forth for a week or so before we finally exchanged numbers. At that point we texted anytime we weren’t in class together. And the rest is history!

how they asked

Alex and I had just marked our four year anniversary in August and hadn’t really celebrated, so when he told me he had a surprise planned I figured that was why! He took me to Ridley Creek state park a beautiful state park with an old historical mansion near where I grew up. I have always come to the park to de-compress. Alex has a picnic planned of all our favorite food i.e.- donuts, bruschetta, chocolate covered strawberries, beer, etc. but before we could eat he handed me a wrapped gift to open.

Image 2 of Katie and Alex

In the package was a scrapbook of all the notes and letters we had written to each other especially the few years we lived an hour apart; I slowly flipped through the book looking at all the old memories. On the last page it read “all of these letters and it’s have led to this….” before I could even read this Alex got down on one knee and asked me to spend his life with him!

Image 3 of Katie and Alex