Katie and Alessandro

Katie's Proposal in Bucca Di Bacco , Positano, Italy

How We Met

We met in high school during our senior year. We started talking because of mutual friends. He would ask me every day if he could take me out for coffee during study hall or drive me home after school. I was always reluctant and one day just gave in. I’m glad I did because as we talked I realized we shared so many things in common and what a great genuine guy he was. We would sit in the car for hours laughing and talking.

Katie and Alessandro's Engagement in Bucca Di Bacco , Positano, Italy

This went on for about 2 weeks until right before a soccer game he asked me to be his girlfriend. 10 years ago on this very same day, my fiancé had asked me to be his girlfriend at a high school soccer game. He had constantly pursued me each day by begging to drive me home from school or taking me out to get a coffee. I finally gave in and got to know the person I would eventually spend the rest of my life with.

Proposal Ideas Bucca Di Bacco , Positano, Italy

How They Asked

We always loved to travel and over the 10 years of our relationship we had traveled to many countries including Italy.

Positano was always our favorite and I will never forget sitting in a restaurant, Bucca di Bacco, next to the ocean talking about our future. We were so in love and had such happiness with our relationship. A few years later we found out we would be returning to Italy for a friend’s wedding. We planned all of our activities and adventures for after the wedding.

We realized it would be our 10 year anniversary so of course, we would make a stop in Positano! When we arrived in Positano, we dropped our bags to the concierge and headed straight to the beach. We spent the day diving off cliffs and eating burrata and profiteroles by the sea. When night time came around, my fiancé had told me he had made a reservation at our favorite restaurant we had been to years before. We got dressed and headed over there.

We ate a delicious meal of risotto and stuffed ricotta zucchini flowers under the moonlit sky. We discussed our amazing trip and how it was coming to an end. He asked if I would like dessert and I responded no, let’s get the check. As he got up to get the check, he stopped right in front of my chair and got down on one knee. My heart stopped. I was so happy and excited that I would get to be with the most genuine, caring and sweet guy for the rest of my life.

10 years later after asking me to be his girlfriend, he was asking me to be his wife. Tears flooded my eyes and before I knew it the whole restaurant was standing and cheering. I will never forget the perfect moment in beautiful Positano when my life changed in the very best way.