Katie and Adam

Image 1 of Katie and Adam

How We Met

Adam and I are both on the worship team at our church. The first day that we were scheduled to play together, we briefly introduced ourselves and started our sound checks. Adam played “Dance, Dance” by Fallout Boy on his bass for his sound check. Recognizing the song, I turned around and laughed at his song choice. He later told me that was when he knew “I was cool”.

Our story did not, however, start there. There were many things that we went through separately that led us to each other. We were in very similar stages of life and a mutual friend had suggested for us to hang out because she thought that we could be good for each other as friends. Turns out she was right- we became friends very quickly and effortlessly.

Our friendship eventually led to more than friendship. We began dating in June and it finally seemed like everything was starting to make sense.

how they asked

On New Years Day, we had planned to hike up to McAfee’s Knob in Roanoke County, Virginia. We were thinking that it would be too cold and there wouldn’t be that many people out hiking that day. Boy, were we wrong. There were probably about fifty people at the top when we got there. I had just gotten a Cannon camera for Christmas and was so excited to take pictures at the top. But the dilemma…who do we ask? The was a lady and her husband at the top who we had seen a couple times on the hike up. They were in the middle of taking selfies at the top when Adam asked if she could take a couple pictures of us. She was very excited to do so. We took a couple pictures and she was saying how great they looked. She continued to take pictures and said, “These are beautiful! They would be wonderful engagement pictures! No pressure!” About that time, I heard Adam say “Babe…” and I looked down and he was on one knee. I said yes and everyone at the top of the mountain was cheering! I’m not saying that everyone can find a random lady as awesome as we did to take our engagement pictures, but it worked for us!

Image 2 of Katie and Adam

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