Katie and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I met at work in 2013. He had worked there for a few years before me and I was brand new to the company and knew no one. I remember passing by him on the way to a meeting and thinking to myself “oh, that guy is pretty cute”! Little did I know Adam was developing feelings for me from the first day we met.

Fast forward a few weeks into my new job, Adam decided to officially introduce himself and let me know some of the ins and outs of the company and proceeded to make general conversation with me. From there he would make daily stops at my desk and chit-chat to the point where my boss and other coworkers would tell him to stop “bugging and flirting” with me every day, and to let me do my work. I was completely oblivious to his feelings for me and didn’t think anything of it.

We became fast friends over the next several months and would hang out together with coworkers, and sometimes just the two of us. Whether it was going on lunch breaks together or having drinks after work, we spent a significant amount of time together.

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Over this period of time, Adam had asked me to go on a date three separate times, to which each time I replied that I wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with him, and really valued our friendship. At that time, I considered him a great friend and that was it. He told me he agreed and that he was fine with being just friends. My friends and my sister warned me that with how much time we were spending together, that I would most likely end up developing feelings for him. I kept telling them not to worry and that we were just friends and nothing more. I am someone who never rushes into a relationship and will not force anything, so in my head, I thought I knew how I felt.

Things quickly changed a short while later when I started to realize my feelings were switching from friendship to wanting to date him. One night Adam and I were hanging out at his condo watching a movie and I said to him “you know that thing you kept asking me a while back? Well, now I want you to ask me again”. With a blank stare, Adam replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. I instantly blushed and told him “I want to date you…”.
Adam was over the moon excited when I told him, and we instantly made it official. I found out a little while later into our relationship that although he had told me he was fine with being just friends initially, he had actually wanted to date me but didn’t want to lose our friendship by pushing it.

After a year of dating we moved in together (my cat and dog in-tow) and we never looked back!

From the beginning of our relationship, Adam has always been extremely thoughtful and romantic – for my 30th Birthday, he surprised me with a trip to New York City! He had the entire thing planned out, including getting a sitter for our cat and dog while we were away and planning all of the places we would go while in NYC. It was the trip of a lifetime and he has been surprising me ever since!

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How They Asked

Adam and I typically spend our weekends out and about roaming the city with our dog Ripley, so it wasn’t unusual for us to head out for a walk or to a local store on a Saturday. Being that I am the planner in the relationship (Adam is extremely easy-going and is usually down for anything), I was surprised when Adam asked me one Saturday if we wanted to head to the Distillery District in Toronto. I told him that seemed like a good idea as the weather was great for March (it was very sunny and no snow on the ground), which is a rarity in winter here. It’s pretty hard to keep a secret from me or surprise me, so Adam did a really good job of keeping it cool and not letting me get suspicious. He also mentioned that we should head out for dinner after our walk and that we would need to come back home to drop our dog off.

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Adam was persistent about us wearing our outfits for dinner on our walk that day (as he wanted us to look our best for the proposal but didn’t want me to catch on to what was happening). This raised a little bit of suspicion with me, as Adam isn’t one to get too specific with plans, so a small part of me thought this might be the day! He kept his cool when I questioned him, so I quickly put that thought out of my head and embraced the plans he had made.

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We headed out mid-afternoon to the Distillery District in Toronto and walked around going into some of the shops there. There is a big “love” sign in Distillery District that couples add their own personal locks to and throw away the key, as a sign of their love for one another. It’s a pretty big tourist attraction and even though we have lived downtown for many years, I hadn’t really taken notice of it.

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Adam had purposely planned our route to walk by the love sign. He pointed at it and said “Look, isn’t that cool? Let’s go up and look at it”. It’s a huge sign that can be seen from quite far away, so I replied “Oh it’s pretty! We can see it from here, so I don’t think we need to go up and look at it”. He urged me to quickly go up to the sign with him and look at some of the locks people had written on and added themselves.

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When we got up there, he pulled a lockout of his jacket pocket and handed it to me and told me to turn it around. When I turned the lock around, he had written “Katie Scott, will you marry me?” I turned around to see Adam on one knee, with our dog at our side. He said “you’re my everything and I love you so much. Will you marry me?” It took me a second as I was pretty shocked, and I said “Of course. YES!” Adam then slipped the ring on my finger and we added our proposal lock to the sign.

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Adam had the entire day planned out to the very last detail. I had no idea, but he had a photographer capturing every moment of the proposal and had also planned an engagement photo shoot so that we could capture the magic of that day. We got to take pictures all around the Distillery District with our dog and just enjoy and embrace the happiest day of our lives thus far. He knew how important it was for me to have our dog Ripley by our side during such a momentous occasion and he made sure that happened.

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Once the photo shoot was over, Adam had a limo waiting for us. We dropped our dog off at home and got back into the limo where we popped a bottle of champagne on our way to dinner. It was such an amazing and romantic day that I will never forget.

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We were set to get married this August 15th, 2020 but due to COVID-19, we had to delay our wedding until July 24th, 2021. Although it was a heartbreaking decision to make, we knew it was the right one. Having each other to lean on during this difficult time has brought us even closer and made the process much easier. Adam has continued to show me how amazing, supportive, and selfless he is. He continues to be my rock through everything, and I can wait until we get to say our “I Do’s” and make it official!

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VENDOR CREDIT: Jessilynn Wong Photography (Instagram: jessilynnwongphotography)

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