Katia and Ryan

How We Met

I met Ryan while I was in College at Gonzaga. He was visiting his brother Alex and I was the young, nerdy, brace-faced, college friend who lived with Alex’s “Girlfriend” (who now is married to Alex), Kristin. I had an instant crush on this sexy older brother of Alex. I grew up in Seattle, Washington and Ryan was from Agua Dulce, California so I didn’t know if our lives would ever cross paths again. Fast forward 3 years… when I went to visit Kristin and Alex in California. Ryan and I got to hang out again and my little schoolgirl crush heightened immediately but I was moving to Florida to work on boats and Ryan was staying in Cali looking fine as ever…

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Kirkland, Washington

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kirkland, Washington

I thought this little “fling” would last a bit but would eventually fizzle out, there was no way we could start a relationship on opposite ends of the states. But thankfully it never did! While I was working as a stewardess on a private yacht he was being a stunt man in Los Angeles. I would take weekend trips to California or New Mexico when he was working out there and he came to Florida and even met me in the Caribbean! Talk about some weekend getaways, and every time we would leave each other, I would think “what am I doing, this bro is legit! I better not let him get away”.

Proposal Ideas Kirkland, Washington

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kirkland, Washington

After a year and a half of these extravagant weekend trips, I got a job as a flight attendant in California! Hooray we finally got to be together in the same state! But let’s not get too excited, after living in Santa Clarita with Kristin and Alex (if walls could talk), and moving to Marina del Rey with our friends, Ryan decided to head to the Southwest to The Land of Enchantment to pursuit his career in Stunts. So the long distance was back on, but by this time we were pretty good at it. I got a great little apartment in Brentwood with my roommate Whitney, and Ryan moved in with a buddy, Josh. Almost two long years of the ABQ-LAX weekend shindig, I decided to follow his crazy ass AGAIN (he clearly couldn’t escape, cause I just kept following). So I moved to Albuquerque and started a career in wardrobe in the film industry. After a month of being in Albuquerque together we took a trip to my home in Seattle. Ryan completely surprised me, which is very hard to do cause I plan every inch of our life (that is an exaggeration but I like to do stuff), and changed my life forever by getting down on one knee in front of my family in one of my favorite places on earth.

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First of all, Katie is a big planner… she likes to constantly plan adventures and do as much as humanly possible in a short amount of time. Ryan is always such a team player and obviously has had to jump on board the activity bus early on in their relationship.This does make it impossible to surprise her, but Ryan pulled it off magically. Katie went to Seattle for a couple weeks to see family and attend some friends’ weddings. Ryan didn’t have to work and joined her for a couple days while she was up there. On his last night of the trip, Katie planned to have drinks with her parents in downtown Kirkland on the water at Anthony’s. They enjoyed some wine and apps and then decided to walk along the waterfront because the sun was setting and it was magical and of course Katie wanted to take sunset pictures. We were talking pictures and watching the boats come in. Right before we decided to head out, Ryan turned to Katie and said, “how about I take a picture of you trying to hold the sun in your hands?” and like clockwork Katie of course obliges.

As Katie is turned around facing the sun, Ryan quickly hands his phone to Larz (Katie’s dad) to capture what was about to unfold. Ryan gets down on one knee in Katie’s hometown, one of her most favorite places in the world, just as the most amazing sunset is unfolding and asks if she will marry him. Katie turns around in complete shock and can barely get out “Yes, I will marry you” before the tears start to come. People who had gathered around started clapping and congratulating the newly engaged couple.They take more pictures with Katie’s cry face in full effect, and start Facetiming as many people as they can to share the amazing news!

The original plan was to go to dinner but with all the excitement they decided to pick up a pizza and head home. When they get home already a bunch of their friends start showing up with champagne ready to celebrate. Tequila shots and Jagerbombs were a must at Pub 85 (where Erik, Katie’s Brother works) with family and friends! I don’t think either one stopped smiling the entire night.They both will remember that special night for the rest of their lives.

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