Kati and Seth

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How We Met

Seth and I are High School Sweethearts! We have been together a little over 11 years now. Seth brings out the wild side in me, always taking me on daring adventures, or putting me on a motorcycle! When I am not riding with him, I’m in dangerously close proximity with my camera trying to capture the best action shots of his stunting. I could only trust him to bring a wheelie 1 foot from my face and not flinch!

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He pushes me out of my comfort zone of crafting on the couch and makes me live life to the fullest! I love him and thank him for it everyday! I bring out the compassionate side of Seth, he’s got a huge heart and loves giving to others and I help him do that in creative ways because it is truly a passion of mine as well! We were truly made for each other and I wouldn’t want a life without him. We have 3 beautiful cats (our children) and a home to call our own in Morgantown, WV.

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how they asked

A last minute work meeting for me really threw Seth’s plans for a loop but he managed to orchestrate the most romantic and surprising proposal ever!

I was told on Friday that I had to drive to New Jersey for work the following Tuesday and I would be gone the rest of the week. This was fine for me as I did not know what Seth had planned! He had already rented the ice rink in town for that Thursday to propose! The few people he was planning with suggested pushing the proposal back a week but Seth said he couldn’t wait, he wanted to push it up instead!

The night before I was scheduled to leave, we went to a late dinner and I couldn’t understand why, but Seth wasn’t really eating much and was in no rush to get home, but I was, I had to pack for my trip! After dinner he didn’t take the normal route to our home, he kept going straight, and said, “Since you are leaving for a week, I wanted to take you on a nice date. My friend, the hockey coach, is letting us into the ice rink for a late night skate after practice lets out!” I was floored! That is all I wanted since learning Seth’s friend coached! Little did I know, the coach had nothing to do with it, Seth had rented the whole place out for just the two of us!

As we skated onto the ice, Christmas music began playing and the disco lights kicked on. I figured it was the clean up crew just getting in the Christmas spirit. Then after 4 or 5 songs, our song (My Love by Justin Timberlake) came on. We looked at each other and Seth said, “Well that’s weird.” I was confused to say the least but the following few minutes then became a whirlwind of excitement! He skated me over to a bright area on the ice, dropped down to one knee, said, “Kati, it has been 11 years…” I would like to tell you that I hung on to every last word he said and that I will remember them until my dying day, but I cannot. To be honest we both blacked out after that and can’t remember what he actually said! All I know is I was speechless, I bent over, wrapped myself around his neck and hugged him harder than I ever have. He said, “that’s not exactly a yes,” to which my whole body just shook and I nodded my head, “yes!”

In that moment our best friends emerged with cameras in hand to help capture the best moment in my entire life; the moment my soulmate pulled off the most romantic and surprising proposal I could have ever wished for!

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